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About Wombat

Wombat leather – Australian cattle drovers have sworn by these hats for years and it’s no wonder. The wide shaped brim is ideal for shading your face from the blazing sun out in the bush. However, Australian bush hats are just as great for wearing in unpredictable British weather.

Wombat Leather bush hats are made from the highest grade cattle hide. We take great care in sourcing our leathers as good quality leather will make a world of difference in wetter climes. The patterns are then cut and sewn with precision by experienced craftsmen to create a product that we can be proud of. Unlike the cheap imitations that are often seen on sale at game and country fairs, we are confident that our genuine leather bush hats will not let you down.

As well as being sturdy and functional, Wombat hats are also a thing of beauty. This beauty derives not only from the smooth curve of the shaped brim but also in the surface of the leather itself. The unique grains and marks on the hide mean that each individual hat is different.

A Wombat Leather bush hat is the ideal hat for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits no matter the weather. Whether you are hunting, fishing, hiking or simply walking the dog, a Wombat Leather hat will keep you comfortable and protected from the wind, rain or sun.

Wombat Leather Hats

Wombat hats are designed to be tough enough to withstand the harshest of conditions.The wide brims and UV protection make them great for “outback” style conditions. Our hats are hand made from quality leather and will stand the test of time…!!

Wombat Leather Bags

Wombat bags are smart, stylish and sturdy. Made from the same high-grade cattle hide as our famous Bush Hats, they will hold up and protect your belongings no matter what the weather.

We have a wide range of designs to choose from, including handbags, messenger bags, leather satchels, leather briefcases, backpacks and Leather Travel Bags / Holdalls. Whatever your requirements, we have the bag for you!

You can browse the “Bags” section of our online store to find the beautiful bag that will meet your own personal needs.

Wombat Mens Leather Belts

Made from quality Italian leather our Rugged Range has some terrific leather belts for men. Colours ranging from Black and Brown to blue, green and burgundy.  Mens Leather Belts with attitude we call them in some striking new designs.