Waxed Cotton Hats

Treat yourself to our waxed cotton hats for your next trip or adventure

If you’re somewhat of an outdoors person and love nothing more than exploring new places, then you’ll know that it’s important to be equipped. One of the best accessories you’ll need when it comes to outdoor adventures is a suitable hat.

Keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting from heat damage, the right hat can make the world of difference, and our waxed cotton hat is here to change the game.

Not only does our waxed cotton hat come with sun protection, but it helps to protect against damaging sun rays and will keep you dry in the rain. This hat is not only stylish with its brown leather band trim, but it’s perfect for hiking, hunting, camping and general travelling.

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Whatever style you’re looking for, we’re certain that we’ve got the perfect new leather accessory for you.