Wombat Leather is all ‘Hart’ for Love Island 2019

  • Wombat in the Australian Outback

    If there is one place in the world right now that is chuckling at our cold weather, then Australia would be that country. With spring just about to end and summer due to arrive in just over a week, it truly is the place to be right now. As our temperatures continue to plummet into single digits and even negative figures, Down Under the heat is rising and the sun tans are spreading like wildfire. Read in full
  • Wombat on Safari

    If there’s one type of holiday we are experts in at Wombat, then that’s going on safari. It’s a look and style we’ve made an essential part of our collections over the years as the natural setting perfectly reflects our own ethos. Read in full
  • Heavyweight Leather Bags For The Season Ahead

    We’re told every year to get ourselves fit for the summer and in the main it’s pretty good advice. The sun is such a feel-good part of the year that we all want to look our best when it’s smiling down at us from above. Read in full
  • Winter Fun in The Sun

    Summer? Pah! Who needs that? Summer is just like, so, last season. There’s no time to sit moping around remembering those sunny beaches, clear blue skies and that lovely bronze aura that glowed from your skin. It’s all about looking ahead and thinking about the arrival of winter. Read in full
  • Tips for Choosing Leather bags For Men

    Buying a leather bag for men sounds like a straight forward enough proposition. You go into the shop, you find a bag you like, you buy it and you go home. Well no, it’s not quite that easy. Read in full
  • The Perfect Leather Weekend Bag and Overnight Bags

    Leather weekend bags and overnight bags come in all shapes and sizes to suit your short or long term travel requirements. For those who pop down to the gym most days of the week, or find themselves out on the road more often than not, these type of bags tend to be a life saver. Read in full
  • Basic Care for Leather Overnight Bags, Hats

    Leather hats and overnight bags represent an investment in style and quality. Making sure that the investment lasts and delivers performance will take a little attention to detail. Fortunately, very basic care is all that’s required to ensure leather goods stand up as well to the elements as a canvas weekender bag might. Read in full
  • Why Leather is the Right Choice for Overnight Bags

    Anyone who loves to travel on the spur of the moment needs a go-to weekender bag that will stand up to the rigors of use whilst retaining its beauty in the process. If it’s time to make a sound investment in luggage that will perform beyond expectations, leather overnight bags serve perfectly. Read in full
  • The Rising Appeal of Leather Australian Bush Hat

    Anyone on the hunt for casual, yet chic and highly functional additions for their wardrobes will discover the appeal of the leather Australian bush hat is fast growing. While this distinct design has long been used by rugged outdoors loves, its unique benefits are making it a popular choice in everyday, city settings, as well. Read in full
  • Buy Yourself the Perfect Men’s leather hats

    You don’t have be down in Texas living on a ranch, belting out sad country songs in Nashville or be herding sheep in the Australian outback to be able to wear a cowboy or outback hat. Read in full