May 2020 Cancer Awareness Month – Say no to skin cancer with a Wombat hat

  • Waxed Canvas and Leather Rucksack

    Summer Day Trip Accessories

    It’s been an amazing week of summer for everyone in the UK, with temperatures blasting up and over 30 degrees on many days. Granted, life in the office hasn’t been so amazing, although it’s hard to deny that everyone wakes up feeling that little bit brighter and despite the close air, you can’t fail to enjoy stepping out into blue skies and sun drenched streets. Read in full
  • Wombat Brown Hunter Leather Sling Backpack Bag


    For as long as humans have been around, we’ve been using our backs to do the heavy lifting. So, thank goodness for the backpack! Read in full

    With all of the excitement and planning that goes into arranging the perfect summer holiday, you won’t have forgotten that in the meantime, the daily routine goes on. Splurging all that cash on flights, accommodation and saving up that much needed spending money, all costs a pretty penny, and that’s before you’ve even began looking at your wardrobe and other accessories you might need. Read in full
  • Summer Travel with Wombat Leather

    As the nights are growing shorter and the days are getting longer, all we can think about here at Wombat Leather HQ is being outdoors. Read in full
  • Packing for a safari

    Often, in the fun and excitement of planning to go on holiday, many people forget the most basic traveler's mantra for packing for your trip - less is more. Wombat leather bags which are stylish and sturdy are never more important to have to hand than when you are planning to go on safari. Read in full
  • May 2020 Melanoma Cancer Awareness Month – Say no to skin cancer with a Wombat hat

    Stay safe this summer with a Wombat Hat Read in full
  • WOMBAT: Outdoor Wear For The Summer Ahead

    Chances are, if you haven’t already booked your main holiday for the year, you have at least started to look around at places and the best deals on offer. So it goes without saying that new items will have to be added to your wardrobe for those two special weeks. Read in full
  • Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations

    Without a doubt, the most expected time of the year is the vacation. Those days or weeks of peace dedicated to restoring the energy while exploring new or old places. Read in full
  • Wombat New Travel Bags

    Spring has finally sprung and as we finally crawl out of hibernation, we have the perfect new bag collection to help you make the most of the great outdoors once more. Read in full
  • What does your leather say about you?

    With the warmth on your back and the breeze on your face gently blowing your hair from place, you wander in search of wonder and excitement. You’re on an adventure, an adventure of discovery. Inspired by the free spirit of the outdoors, you roam freely into nature, ageless in the outback with Wombat Leather. Read in full