Leather accessories in the Fashion World

Now at the height of fashion – Leather!

Luxury leisure accessories are shaping the fashion industry. Leather hats, bags and belts are no longer simply just accessories but must have designer items. There are a lot of places that sell leatherette accessories but we aren’t talking about those. We are talking about the real McCoy – leather that smells as good as it feels, leather that lasts longer than most friendships, leather that oozes sophistication and will be with you through thick and thin.

Not just any old leather hats; Wombat Hats!

For a long time, hats were seen as a bold fashion statement, predominantly as a way of protection from the sun’s rays or as a wedding accessory. But they are making a comeback and seen in everyday life, with celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, once voted ‘hat wearer of the year’, Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher all happy to be photographed in fashion statement hats. They are now viewed as a welcome every day accompaniment, the perfect complement to any outfit. Leather hats are very on-trend, with this luxurious natural fabric being not only warm but also hard wearing.

One of the most fashionable leathers at the moment is Wombat leather. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s inspired by the outback of Australia. Wombat leather is made from the highest grade cattle hide ensuring items are not only luxurious but extremely comfortable and durable. It is a great fashion accessory for those with adventure in their soul. Wombat leather hats make you look wildly alluring and up to date with modern trend; they are a must have style statement.

Hats for all activities

Wombat leather products are stylish yet contemporary, very current and, most of all, very functional. Our wombat hats are great if you love mother nature, have an outdoor lifestyle and enjoy activities such as fishing, walking, adventuring, or camping. They are a great way to stay warm and withstand the elements but most importantly help you look amazing!

Recently we’ve been reviewed by some outdoorsy types and we’re pleased that they shared our love of wombat leather for practicality and wear-ability. This review by Bakes Books & My Boys can be read here it’s full of praise for its durability, portability and waterproof capabilities.

Discover the world of Wombat leather for yourself with this ladies soft brown hat that ticks all the boxes for style and endurance. It hides a bad hair day well and makes you stand out from the crowd. Brilliant for dog walking, trekking, and fishing alike.

Leather accessories in the Fashion World Wombat Leather

Celebrities love leather

Leather is for the modern era with many celebrities now sporting leather, including Kendall Jenner (model, fashionista and younger sister of Kim Kardashian), Nicole Scherzinger, and Taylor Swift all helping to influence the fashion scene across the globe.

Our Wombat Leather products were well received when we showcased them on the catwalk at London Fashion Week Show. Being part of such a prestigious event we gathered an impressive amount of positive feedback and inspiration from other contributors.  If you want to see more, our Wombat Fashion Show is here. They also made an appearance at this year’s BAFTA awards ceremony, where we hooked up with the cast of Holby City with our products – a proud moment for us!

Leather accessories in the Fashion World Wombat Leather Leather accessories in the Fashion World Wombat Leather

Bags for your world

The City Chic look can be a hard one to get right, it needs to be immaculately tidy for the office yet simple and adaptable for partying. Finding the ideal work bag can sometimes be a bit of a headache. You purchase a bag for work and may keep it just for work, and therefore end up constantly transferring your purse, phone and belongings between your work and everyday bag – meaning you often forget the things you need. Not anymore!

Wombat leather can help you achieve the right balance with your bag and purse. The perfectly sophisticated look that is transferrable from day-time to night-time use. If you haven’t fallen upon it yet, we have the perfect City Chic range where functional and durable meets sophisticated and stylish.  This uber versatile and durable range of waxed canvas backpacks and stylish cross-body bags will keep you looking calm and collected even when your work-life balance may be going a bit haywire. If you are looking for something that is small, stylish and durable, this cross over waxed canvas and leather cross body bag is the perfect solution and is the ideal bag for life!

Leather accessories in the Fashion World Wombat Leather

We know that many people feel a little anxious replacing our favourite trusty leather bag when it shows wear and tear but fear not. Wombat leather is as tough as they come yet also gives off the impression of style and sophistication. More to the point, there’s nothing that beats the smell of a new leather bag – it’s right up there with freshly cut grass, baked bread straight out of the oven, freshly ground coffee beans and dew on a summer morning. Wombat leather products are made with love and oiled and waxed to ensure they stand the test of time. We know you’re going to expect your bags, hats, purses and belts to last forever (or near enough), and now you can. All whilst looking amazing. Whatever the weather wombat bags will be a trusty friend.

Wallets and Purses

Have you spent a lifetime looking for the perfect leather purse? We know how you feel. You need your purse to be there for you – essentially to carry your lives around with you and look after you. A reliable purse can be hard to find. You get so many imposters that look like they’ll do the job but then collapse on you when the going gets tough. Pop over and look at the Wombat Leather purse and wallet range. Made to fall in love with, they are elegant and modern looking, yet vastly superior in duty.

Leather for men?

The attitude towards men carrying bags has changed dramatically over the last decade. Gone are the days that the only bags men could be seen with were gym bags or macho rucksacks.  ‘Man bags’ used to be deemed very uncool, ridiculed and not necessary. Attitudes are now very different. It is now perfectly acceptable, and normal for men to carry a variety of bags. In fact, men’s purses or ‘murses’ as they are now known as, are a hot trend to be seen within the covers of vogue and on the catwalks of London, New York and Japan.

Bags and purses for men are now seen to be stylishly refined and the new must have fashion statement. Celebrities such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo are all seen to be sporting the look. Wombat leather men’s bags are designed for this trend, and are now seen as cutting edge, modern and extremely desirable.

For example, this waxed canvas leather duffle bag is a favourite weekend bag for an easy escape. A timeless piece that you will want to use again and again as it’s the perfect size to carry and is resilient and impressive in its role.

Leather accessories in the Fashion World Wombat Leather

Trends and shifts in fashion are constantly evolving The leather jacket will always be a timeless piece of statement fashion as will Wombat hats and leather bags for their ability to look both contemporary and ageless.

For more leather inspiration check out our complete bag and hat ranges


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