If a waxed canvas backpack isn’t your thing, but you’re in need of a bag that can keep multiple items contained whilst looking suitably stylish, you may want to consider taking a look at our range of ladies backpacks in leather. Here at Wombat leather, we’ve worked incredibly hard to create a range of ladies backpacks you’ll be proud to wear – wherever you’re headed and whatever you’re doing. Within our range, you’re sure to find the perfect rugged leather backpack to complete any style statement, whilst being robust enough to handle anything you throw in it.

It’s essential you consider the important aspects of ladies backpacks before making a purchase. Consider how much are you going to use your backpack first. If you’re looking for something for regular use, then a leather backpack is a perfect choice – made to last, our range is sure to stand the test of time. Of course, we also recognise that style is a major consideration, so we’ve carefully designed the range to be beautifully stylish – a backpack you’d be proud to wear anywhere the mood takes you.

Why not take a look at the range below to find the perfect backpack for your needs – one so stylish you’ll never want to put it down!