Waxed Cotton Hats

Shop our range of waxed cotton hats at Wombat Outdoor 

Are you a keen explorer? Do you love nothing more than an adventure that takes you through various terrains? If so, you’ll know that the best thing you can do before your next adventure is to kit yourself up with everything you need to have an unforgettable experience.

One of the staple pieces of your outfit when you next go exploring is your hat. As well as having the bonus of looking fashionable, the right hat keeps you protected from all weather conditions and protects your eyes so you can keep focused and motivated.

At Wombat Outdoor our waxed cotton & canvas hats are a popular choice for outdoors people that want to keep safe and look great. As well as having UV protection, this hat will keep your eyes protected from the sun thanks to its wide brim.

If canvas is more your thing, then why not look at our Wombat The Trail Waxed Canvas Hat? With 100% waxed canvas fabric, this hat is perfect for unpredictable rainy weather and can easily be stored away in your bag when not in use.

Whatever type of terrain you need to prepare for, we’re certain we’ve got the hat for you.