Wombat cowgirl offer

Unleash Your Inner Cowgirl

Unleashing Your Inner Cowgirl Just Got a Lot Cheaper

Here at the UK’s home of genuine leather products, we love nothing more than making life easier for cowgirls and cowboys. That’s why we’re launching our inaugural Cowgirl Week.

That’s right! And to celebrate this exciting news, we’re making our premium cowgirl and cowboy hats even more affordable!


COWGIRL20 Promo Code

All you need to do to claim your limited-time 20% discount is enter the promo code COWGIRL20 at the checkout. Complete your purchase, and we’ll dispatch your high-quality, fully discounted leather hat faster than a gunslinger can pull her revolver.

But don’t waste time. This offer is only available for a week. The home of leather cowboy hats in the UK is cutting the cost of looking great for cowgirls and cowboys everywhere!


Take a Look at Our Stylish Australian Leather Hats in Action

Here at Wombat Outdoor, we’re obsessed with leather hats for men and women. So when our premium products are featured in a high-profile photoshoot, we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Let us transport you to the Wild West — a 19th-century lawless dystopia that gave rise to the unmistakable cowgirl style we all know and love today. Originally designed to protect farmworkers from dust and the glaring sun of America’s desert landscapes, leather cowboy hats are now must-have fashion items here in the UK.

Our premium leather hats for women and men took centre stage in these eye-catching photos — taken recently during a high-profile fashion photoshoot. Featured alongside authentic leather boots, waistcoats, gun belts, jeans, and an abundance of premium leather, our cowgirl hats steal the show.

What’s clear from these stunning images is that our premium leather hats deliver the perfect combination of authenticity and style. Whether you’re hitting a nightclub or herding cattle, you’ll look the part!

If you’re looking for genuine leather accessories that wouldn’t look out of place in a blockbuster Western movie, search no more!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at a recent photoshoot that took place in the Wild West. Honest!


Be Fast on the Draw

This Offer Is About to Vanish

We’d love to reduce our premium leather hats all year round, but we can’t afford to offer deep discounts like this indefinitely!

Choose your favourite leather cowgirl or cowboy hat from our current selection, add it to your cart, and enter discount code COWGIRL20 at the checkout.




It’s Not Just About Cowgirl and Cowboy Hats at Wombat 

Yes, we’re currently channelling the spirit of Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane at Wombat Outdoor, but there’s much more to us than stylish leather cowboy hats. We also have waxed canvas hats, bags, gilets and jackets, leather wallets and women’s purses.

And because we work tirelessly to keep our prices low throughout the year, you won’t need a special offer to grab a real bargain!