The Perfect Leather Weekend Bag and Overnight Bags

Leather weekend bags and overnight bags come in all shapes and sizes to suit your short or long term travel requirements. For those who pop down to the gym most days of the week, or find themselves out on the road more often than not, these type of bags tend to be a life saver. Almost everyone owns a suitcase of some kind and usually a holdall too, but of course these can’t be lugged around for short term trips or for quick journeys. You need something light and easy to carry, but also a bag that provides enough room, which is where a leather weekend bag or overnight bag come in.

Even if you are not a frequent traveller or a keep-fit fanatic, these bags will always prove their worth over a long period of time. You never know what life will throw at you and there is no harm being prepared. While having a particular sized bag may not seem like the most important thing on your to-do list, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll find yourself using it once bought. There may be long periods of time when you don’t use the bag but just when you need it, it’s waiting to be picked up once again.

A Strong Leather Weekend Bag to Lifestyle

Some people love nothing more than to be kept busy, throwing themselves into all kinds of activities and events outside of their normal job routine. These are the guys and gals you see bouncing along to work, somehow still as fresh as a daisy, thriving off the energy that comes with keeping yourself involved in so many activities. No doubt they’ll also be spotted in and around the office with a full bag, packed to near bursting point with something new every day, especially on Fridays when they are invariably heading away on yet another exciting weekend trip.

Catching up with these go-getters may take some doing but buying an Outback Brown Leather Holdall Travel Bag with make you look the part at least. The natural feel and texture of the bag brings out the character of the animals skin. The cows hide is tough and durable and made to withstand almost any test you put it through. It’s a great bag for those who live in the hustle and bustle of city life, or those who spend more time out in a more serene countryside setting. You’ll also notice the wombat logo proudly emblazoned on the side; which is a true mark of quality and craft.

The Perfect Leather Weekend Bag and Overnight Bags Wombat Leather

Rucksacks Are Great Overnight Bags

Not everyone likes to go for the usual style of leather weekend bag or overnight bag. This is why rucksacks have proved to be so enduring. What people like the most is how transferable and easy to carry they are, allowing the natural strength in your shoulders and back to carry the weight without hassle. They are also perfect for people who need to keep their belongings organised and separate, allowing for quick access. Ask any traveller and they will tell you how important a rucksack has been for them out on the road.

Slipping on your rucksack and getting ready for the day ahead couldn’t be easier with our ( Luxury Thick Brown Leather Large Rucksack Backpack Bag. The deep brown texture of the leather allows it to match any outfit, always looking as flawless as you do when stepping out into the world. The buckle straps on the front and side add not only a stylish touch but all important security, meaning once tightened into place, you won’t have to worry about any prying hands when travelling through busy areas.

The Perfect Leather Weekend Bag and Overnight Bags Wombat Leather

Duffle Bags Are For Everyone

A duffle bag is possibly one of the most versatile overnight or leather weekend bags you can buy. The added beauty is that they work just as well for personal or professional reasons. You may be a sports fanatic, playing football during the week or fancy yourself as a bit of an athlete. If so, a duffle is the perfect bag to stash your kit in. Fans of the outdoors who love nothing more than sleeping out under the stars, or heading out on a hunting trip will need a light but sturdy leather weekend bag that can withstand the elements. A duffle bag definitely ticks all of these boxes. Some duffle bags even have protective sleeves and pockets for slipping in laptops and files, which are ideal for an overnight business trip.

A thick oiled leather weekend bag will send anyone off on their latest adventure not only with ample room to spare but keep them looking up-to-date with the latest trends. Whether it’s being used as an overnight bag, for the evening or for a long weekend, all the zips, pockets and pouches always make sure there is enough room for those one or two extra items. If the bag is quite full, then rather than feel the ache in your hand, simply use the thick leather strap to hold it over or across your shoulder and away you go.

The Perfect Leather Weekend Bag and Overnight Bags Wombat Leather


Our leather weekend bags are classic in design and made to match the way your life is lived. There are so many different styles to choose from in our range and you’re bound to find one that fits your schedule. From rucksacks to duffle bags, holdalls and toiletry bags, we’ve got something for everyone.

Overnight bags give you far more than their name suggests. They’ll last for as long as you treat them with care and will even surprise you with how tough they can be. If you need to pack for more than one person, these should be your go-to bag. Rather than having both of you double-up carrying a bag to your destination, use one larger bag to store away clothes and toiletries needed for that short stay away from home.

This is just a small selection of the bags we have in our online store, with new additions finding their way into our exciting collections all the time. Keeping up with changes to our range is easy. The best way to do so is following us on Twitter where we tweet about new trends and exciting new developments in the industry. We’d also love to hear your ideas too, so don’t hesitate and get in touch!


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