Basic Care for Leather Overnight Bags, Hats

Leather hats and overnight bags represent an investment in style and quality. Making sure that the investment lasts and delivers performance will take a little attention to detail. Fortunately, very basic care is all that’s required to ensure leather goods stand up as well to the elements as a canvas weekender bag might.

Whether it’s a leather Australian bush hat that needs a little tender, loving care or a men’s travel bag, these tips can ensure lasting beauty and performance:



  • Take care when storing leather products – High-quality cow hide will generally be treated with a protective layer that is meant to stop liquids from absorbing into its pores. Even so, when overnight bags or men’s leather hats are placed on top of or near oily liquids, such as makeup or food, the layer may fail. To avoid staining, simply keep leather goods away from such hazards.
  • Clean up any spills right away – Accidents do happen. Fortunately, most stains on a leather Australian bush hat or leather travel bag women’s designs can be cleaned up. Just use a soft, damp cloth to blot stains. Should this not work, a leather cleanser should do the trick. Remember to follow up any cleaning with a protective spray. Both items are commonly sold at department and shoe stores.
  • Let items air dry – The beauty of leather overnight bags and other products is the extreme protection from the rain they can provide. Even so, leather can become rather soaked if exposure is harsh and lasting. Should leather get wet, simply allow it to air dry. Using heat can damage the materials and may even lead to shrinking. Once the bag or hat is dry, consider cleaning and treating it with a protective spray to ensure lasting performance.

Leather goods that are made by master craftspeople are intended to endure years of use whilst looking attractive. Simple care measures can help ensure lasting quality.