Leather Western Hats

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Are you someone that likes to explore new places? Perhaps rocky terrain is your favourite? Or maybe you like nothing more than to get lost outdoors? If you love nothing more than getting out and about, then you’ll know the importance of having the right clothing and accessories to ensure you have a comfortable and safe adventure.

At Wombat Outdoor we’re here to ensure you travel safely and protect yourself with the right headwear. Whilst being outside is incredibly rewarding, we also know that the elements can take over and you need to be prepared.

With our range of leather western hats, you’ll be able to stay safe, protected and be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions.

Our leather western hats are made from the highest-grade cattle hide leather, meaning you can be protected from both the sun and the rain. They’re also incredibly easy to pack as they are foldable and will protect you from the elements due to its wide brim.

We offer a whole host of styles and colours to choose from, and we are certain you can find something within your budget. To shop our full range, take a look around our website today.