Overnight Bags

Whether you’re off on a golfing weekend, or a spa trip with your nearest and dearest, or perhaps even a romantic getaway with a significant other, good overnight bags are essential. Here at Wombat Leather, we’re proud to offer a range of overnight bags that both look stylish and have enough room to contain all you’ll need for a weekend away. When choosing overnight bags, we know only too well that you’ll want something comfortable enough to carry around whilst travelling, but that will also look sophisticated and versatile enough not to look out of place in a country house hotel or a luxurious lodge. We’ve designed out range with this in mind, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

Our attention to detail means we’ve taken into account everything you’ll want in a leather travel bag, and this reflects in our range, with strong sturdy but stylish closings, shoulder pads for added comfort and internal zipped pockets for all the smaller items you’ll be packing featured on the designs of our overnight bags.

Weekend Bags

Whether it’s for a weekend away with the boys or the girls, meeting the parents or getting away from it all and discovering somewhere new on your own, there’s sure to be a Wombat Leather travel bag that suits you down to the ground.