Canvas Weekender Bag

Heading off to a festival, or going away with your loved ones for a mini break? Then you’re sure to be looking for a canvas weekender bag, and here at Wombat Leather, we have you covered. Our range of leather weekend bags combined with robust canvas has been carefully designed to offer everything you’ll need, from roomy pockets for all your smaller items, to detachable straps and shoulder pads for added comfort.

It’s not all about the function though. Here at Wombat Leather we’re proud to say we’re at the forefront of timeless design. A leather and canvas weekender bag from Wombat Leather will be in fashion no matter what time of year it is or where you’re going. On top of this, you can rest assured that if you purchase a leather weekend bag from our range, it won’t let you down.

Our bags, manufactured from high grade cattle hide, are able to protect all your belongings from the elements – they’re water resistant, and the combination of oiled leather and waxed canvas certainly stands up to heavy use.

If you love the look of a leather travel bag, but want something that little bit more water resistant, then there’s certainly a case for considering a leather and canvas weekender bag from Wombat Leather – as you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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