The Trail Hat

The Trail Hat

Waxed canvas hat

The Trail Thick Waxed Canvas and Leather Hat

New to the Wombat family is our thick-waxed canvas hat that we proudly call “The Trail”.

This foldable hat is easy to pack and take anywhere and perfect for your next adventure. Whether you prefer a hot climate to explore or see yourself in a rainforest, this hat is strong, durable and perfect for all weather conditions.

The Trail Hat offers sun protection with UPF of 50+ and helps to keep the sun off your face and eyes. It also protects you from the rain thanks to its 100% waxed canvas fabric.

As well as being durable, The Trail is strap free and comes with a sweatband so you can explore comfortably without any distractions. It’s also stylish with its brown leather band trim and is incredibly lightweight, making it a joy to wear.