Premium Leather Products

Come to Wombat Outdoor when you’re looking for premium leather products  

Are you a keen outdoors person? Do you love nothing more than to hike and explore different terrain? Maybe you’re looking to try something new this summer and would like to get kitted out with the best premium leather products to keep you protected?

At Wombat Outdoor we give you access to a range of genuine leather products that are not only practical, but will keep you looking stylish wherever you’re looking to explore.

We know that the great outdoors can be gruelling after some time spent in the heat, so our premium leather products are there to ensure you’re comfortable, protected and looking your very best.

Take a look at our range of Wombat Leather Hats, for example. Made from genuine cattle hide, these hats are made with wide brims and UV protection so you can stay safe from the elements whilst still looking your very best.

As well as offering various leather products, we’re also known for our Wombat The Wilderness Waxed Cotton Hat. Giving you UPF 50+ sun protection, our waxed cotton hats protect you from the rain whilst being foldable and offering a snug fit.