See how our waxed cotton hats can make your next adventure even more fun

Whether you’re someone that loves to be outdoors or know someone that can’t get enough of adventure, our waxed cotton hat is a worthy addition.

Created for outdoors people, our Wombat The Wilderness Waxed Cotton Hat is a practical and stylish way to keep protected from the various weather conditions you may encounter.

Ideal for hunting, travelling, hiking or anything else that gets you outdoors, this hat will protect the wearer from various elements whilst still looking stylish.

Available in dark brown or green, the Wombat The Wilderness Waxed Cotton Hat boasts a stylish brown leather band trim and is completely strap free. It also comes with sun protection UPF of 50+ and provides shelter from the rain with its 100% waxed cotton fabric.

Comfortable to wear, foldable and offering protection from damaging rays, our waxed cotton hat is a worthy purchase this Christmas. This hat is available for £30 and comes in sizes small, medium and large.

As well as our waxed cotton hats, we provide a range of waxed canvas hats, soft brown leather hats and stylish leather wallets. If you want to add a personal touch, you can also personalise many of our leather goods with our engraving service.