Enjoy Travel This Season With Wombat Leather

Taking a trip in winter or spring is a great way to avoid the crowds and break up the season. No matter what type of holiday you enjoy, there’s always somewhere in the world which is just waiting to be explored.

While you’re travelling you’ll need to be organised to get the most out of your time. A range of stylish yet durable leather accessories could be just what you need, providing accessible storage while you’re on the go and when you’re at your hotel or campsite, relaxing.

Leather is the perfect material because it’s tough, long-lasting and strong while also being ruggedly elegant. Smart design and a flawlessly crafted finish means every piece is a masterpiece. From toiletry bags to a shoulder holster wallet, there’s everything that a traveller might need this season.

As part of the same collection, there’s also a leather hat, keeping you looking great while staying protected.

High-quality leather goods which are made to last; Wombat Leather offers the ultimate essential collection for any enthusiastic traveller.

Soft Brown Leather Outback Hat

Whether you’re planning on taking a trip to sunny climes or to a location which is chilly, a stylish leather hat is an essential.

When the temperature plunges, a hat helps to retain warmth while in sunnier weather, it provides essential protection from the fierce rays. Of course, winter sun can scorch too especially when it reflects off snow or water. Therefore, a lightweight hat should be one of the first items in your suitcase whether you’re planning on hiking in the mountains or taking a relaxing fishing trip.

Of course, there are lots of different hats that you could take along, but the Soft Brown Leather Outback Hat is something special. Made from natural leather it’s entirely breathable so you’ll be comfortable while still enjoying full protection.

The soft cowhide used to craft the hat provides a wonderfully rustic appeal. One of the benefits is that – just like many other types of leather products – the more beaten up and scarred it gets, the better it looks!

The hat is showerproof so it won’t matter if you get caught in the rain; the wide brim means you won’t have to endure the discomfort of water tricking down your neck. It also features enhanced UV protection, vital for spending time outdoors.

You can choose to wear the hat with the stylish plaited leather band in place or simply remove it temporarily using the poppers. Switch up your look depending on whether you’re heading out for some quality time in the outdoors, or wearing your hat for a casual lunch with a friend.

Oiled Leather Shoulder Holster Wallet

Keeping your valuables safe while you’re travelling is a perennial challenge but this oiled leather shoulder holster wallet provides the solution. A unique way to keep your belongings secure, this holster also leaves your hands free.

Whether you’re prone to losing your valuables, or have been unlucky with pickpockets, you can wave goodbye to any more problems. This shoulder holster provides a surprisingly amount of space to secure your important items out of reach of thieving hands.

Airports can be a very busy place and are commonly targeted by pickpockets and thieves. With your attention distracted by the practicalities of catching your flight, it’s much easier for a thief to take your belongings.

This shoulder holster gives you an element of protection as it buckles close to your body. With a strap that crosses your body, the holster is held firmly in position until you’re ready to take it off. Of course, it’s always wise to stay alert but this clever design helps you to stay safe.

It’s not just while you’re actually travelling that the holster is useful. The rugged leather makes it the perfect accessory for when you’re exploring the outdoors. With two zipped pockets on the front, and another zipped pocket on the rear, there’s a generous capacity to stash your belongings away.

Luxury Brown Leather Outback Hanging Toiletry Bag 

Even if you’re a down to earth kind of guy, you probably use a lot more toiletries than you realise. In your home bathroom you have all the products you’ll ever need from your toothpaste and mouthwash right through to shampoo, deodorant and body wash.

There’s plenty of other items that you might use too, such as moisturiser, shaving foam, a razor and sun cream.

This means that having a toiletries bag which has sufficient space and allows you to organise your products is essential.

Our Luxury Brown Leather Outback Hanging Toiletry Bag is the perfect travelling companion, whatever your destination. Whether you’re planning on going wild camping or enjoying a high-class hotel, the stylish leather bag will make you feel right at home.

Made from oiled leather, this wash-bag is robust and durable, offering a practical solution to all your travelling toiletry needs. This leather bag will last for many years, and is suitable for both winter and summer trips.

The multiple zipped sections are large and spacious so even larger bottles can easily fit, while still allowing you to organise your toiletries for quick and convenient use.

A large zip opens the whole of the front of the bag. This zip-around section contains a big mesh pocket, plus two generously sized pouch pockets. On the top, there’s even more storage with another zipped section plus an inner pocket.

The smart storage design of the bag is topped off with a strap which allows the bag to be conveniently hung behind the door, saving you space in your bathroom.

In fact, this bag is so practical and stylish you might even want to use it at home too!

Waxed Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag

Make a quick getaway for a weekend break with a stylish duffel bag that provides plenty of room. Made from thick waxed canvas coupled with soft leather, this bag is lined with plush red-orange cotton for a soft and attractive finish.

A large zip down the centre opens the bag right up for easy packing and unpacking. It features two short leather handles which are accompanied by a single, detachable long handle for those times when you want to sling it over your shoulder and go.

The trim details are crafted from thick, oiled nappa leather and the hardware and rivets are made from solid zinc brass, including those under the base. The canvas is waxed and waterproof, so there’s no need to worry if you get caught in a shower, This ensures the bag is durable and tough, suitable for travelling in any environment.
Look great while you’re on the move, and combine this convenient duffle bag with matching brown leather accessories from the same range.

Take a Trip in Style

While your main focus may well be on the exciting places you plan to see, it’s reassuring to know that your accessories are high-quality and built to last. Stay organised while looking good with the Wombat Leather collection which will give you the edge on both style and practicality over all other travellers.