Hat Protection For The Summer from Wombat

Summer is upon us, and everyone young and old is outside enjoying the beautiful weather and participating in fun summertime activities. While we wait months for the sunny weather and everyone can agree it is a beautiful time of year (when it happens!), it is important to protect yourself properly from the sun’s blinding rays and harmful UV rays. Wearing a hat is the perfect solution to this problem (combined with other protection such as high quality sunscreen), sheltering you as needed whilst making you look great – especially when Wombat Leather carry a range of sizes, styles and varieties, sure to suit absolutely everybody. A hat can be your best friend in intense heat or other extreme weather conditions, providing protection from heat, wind, rain and other elements that can make being outdoors uncomfortable – but just how important IS wearing a hat in summer?

Why Wearing A Hat Is Important
Though sunscreen is critical in protecting yourself from the sun, it is only one tool in your arsenal. Hats are a great addition to your sun-protection regime and can play an important role in keeping you safe from the sun’s heat and rays. A good hat will shield your head, face and eyes from the harsh brightness, keeping your face protected to reduce the risk of sunburn. It can also help keep your head cooler which is beneficial in avoiding heat stroke and other temperature related ailments. The most beautiful benefit of a hat is that there are literally millions of varieties, so finding one that looks and feels great while fitting in with your personal style is easy and hat shopping can even be fun!

How To Choose The Right Hat For You
When it comes to finding the perfect style of hat, there are no rules that determine one type or design is better than any other. What is truly important is that you wear one. This makes it easy to decide on a style that you find comfortable and attractive. Some considerations you may want to make when shopping for the perfect hat include, the size of the brim and how much shade it can provide, if it is easily packed and brought with you on holiday, the fit (to ensure it is always comfortable to wear), as well as the practicality and usability of the hat. Other features you may be interested in when searching for the perfect hat is colour or pattern to ensure you look great whatever you wear it with, UV resistant materials and the ability to size and resize to ensure you are always getting the most comfortable fit possible.

The Perfect Fit In a Hat
It is crucial to choose a hat that fits you correctly. To ensure a good fit always try it on, making certain it is not too tight on the head as hats tend not to stretch much over time and if your hat is too tight, it could cause headaches and discomfort. You also want to avoid choosing a hat that is too large for your head because it can become a nuisance while trying to go about your activities, always falling off or getting caught in the wind.

The Importance Of a Brim
The brim is the most important feature of your hat, as it is what is providing you shade and sun protection for your face, neck and shoulders. The larger and wider the brim of the hat the more of your body is being protected. Keep that in mind when dressing for the weather and ensure you are covering the areas of skin your hat cannot protect. While the brim is a great source of protection from harmful UV rays it is important to remember that a hat is only one means of sun protection and must be combined with others, including sunblock, sunglasses and seeking shade whenever possible.

Different Styles of Hats
Before selecting the perfect hat for yourself it is important to look at different styles of hats available and make your decision based on the sort of activities you enjoy and the practicality of your chosen design. For example, Wombat Leather makes a range of high-quality bush hats that are ideal for any member of the family at any age, providing excellent shade and protection from the sun, fit to perfection, ideal for packing and easy to wash.

Wombat provides a number of styles of outback and foldable bush hats, meeting the needs of everybody with a vast selection of unisex hats that are crafted from top-quality cattle hide to provide good shelter and better protection in wetter environments. Handmade, with quality craftsmanship and UV protection, means the Wombat line has something for everybody and can keep you well covered in the most extreme of weather conditions.

wombat outback leather hat

The Wombat Leather Range
Wombat Leather provides consumers an entire range of hats, ensuring the needs of all the family are met. The website features many options when looking for a good quality hat, such as the Wombat soft foldable lightweight washable hat, available in dark brown or sand colours, that is ideal for travel, fitting easily in your luggage, designed to be folded flat and taken with you on the go. This hat, as well as all of the other hats available from Wombat Leather comes in every size necessary to fit the tiniest tot all the way to the largest man.


Other styles available through Wombat Leather include the Walkabout full grain leather hat – a light brown full skipper hat that is both functional and fashionable. The Walkabout provides excellent shade and protection from the hot rays of the summer sun, is comfortable and looks great.


The line also offers the soft distressed foldable hat in dark brown, with beautiful braided details and the softest distressed leather imaginable. This line is the perfect marriage between being tough and able to withstand the harshest conditions and looking and feeling good while doing so.

Not only do sunburns not feel very nice, windburn and being caught in rain are also problems that a hat can help to remedy. By choosing a high quality, well-made hat from Wombat, you will have the necessary protection from the elements for many years to come.