Packing for a safari

Often, in the fun and excitement of planning to go on holiday, many people forget the most basic traveler’s mantra for packing for your trip – less is more. Wombat leather bags which are stylish and sturdy are never more important to have to hand than when you are planning to go on safari.

Planning for your next Safari Trip

It is only possible to enjoy your safari to the full if you follow some handy tips and do all of the essential groundwork planning before you go.  You will not want to pack too much so you will be needing a leather bag that will help you to fulfill a relatively full itinerary in a multitude of exciting locations. You should probably avoid taking very large suitcases with you, as the majority of safari transfers will be are on small planes and they have to limit baggage under 15kg. A Waxed Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag can act as the perfect holdall for a safari getaway. Created from thick, tough but very attractive waxed canvas and soft, oiled leather, this is one holdall you will want to use time and time again. Made from the same high-grade cattle hide as our famous Bush Hats, select from a range of holdalls that will protect your belongings no matter what the weather. Remember that the majority of holiday providers will allow you access to laundry facilities, so it is possible to travel light by choosing to use soft luggage as an alternative to a hard suitcase.

wombat duffle bag

Wombat Canwax duffle holdall

Practical packing

It is important to spend your holiday time enjoying yourself and not having to think about folding and unfolding clothes to fit into an unsuitable bag. You will probably need to take lots of loose-fitting clothes on Safari as they will help to keep you cool in hot summer climates when traveling. Usually, dark clothes are not the best idea as they attract tsetse flies in the hot summer heat. Before you travel, fully research where you are going to and find out if it is more casual, or, whether you will have some formal safari nights to look forward to. A family lodge, for instance, will probably have a much more relaxed approach to their dress code in dining and bar areas whereas a more formal Safari lodge can require that their guests dress accordingly. As it will be hot, it is best to travel thoughtfully and keep clothing light and low key. Comfortable clothing works best in the bush and hot summer heat, so try to take a bag that allows you to pack light with T-shirts, waterproof jackets, and sandals.


The little excursions

A small quality backpack is almost essential to carry your daily essentials around whilst on Safari. The “Outback” Luxury Soft Oiled Brown Leather Backpack is a robust, trendy backpack that is a super-stylish way to keep your belongings together when going for a walk on safari. You may want to take around with you a book about the birds, safari wildlife or plants. A pair of binoculars is always fun to have by your side and you will need to take sunglasses, sun cream, insect repellent and a sun hat that will stay put as you travel on a safari vehicle. It is important to have a bag with enough room for all of these things as there will be nothing more discouraging when on safari than not actually being able to see all of the wonders.

wombat rucksack

Wombat Oiled leather Rucksack

When on safari the day’s activities can be extremely dehydrating, therefore in order to rehydrate you will need a bag that allows you to carry plenty of drinks. There very often is no respite from the sun or shade in certain areas so continuous hydration and good skin care is vital throughout the day.  It is recommended to drink bottled water wherever you go. Carrying a swimsuit might also be a good idea and could be indispensable to you on hot days.  You will often find that safari camps even in the middle of the game reserves will have some sort of swimming pool. Also, one of the real pleasures of a safari will be the afternoon siesta.  It could be really worth taking something safari related to read around the pool or even under a tree in the bush on a hot day. Invest your time in a book about plants and wildlife as the more you know about your beautiful surroundings then the more you will come to appreciate the wild.


Sun and Bug Protection

A hat is without doubt essential on a sunny safari like a Wombat lightweight distressed leather hat which is perfect for the outdoors. Imagine as you set out for a drive at dawn on the plains when the weather is cool, you will want to look the part. Also, you will want to take some stylish sunglasses with you that do more than just hanging round your neck, but that are practical as you juggle binoculars, bags, and cameras. Unsurprisingly, there will be bush bugs – they are a natural part of the safari experience. If you prefer all insects to be kept at a good distance, including pesky horse flies, you will also need to pack in a quality leather backpack an insect repellent that you can take with you.

A quality wash bag containing all of your health products that hangs on a hook is useful. It is worth keeping in mind that camps are in the middle of nowhere so you will need to take essentials with you as there will not be a local chemist nearby. Ensure that your wash bag contains sticking plasters for walking blisters, painkillers, wet wipes and antihistamines for insect bites. Ensure that you check with your doctor before you leave for your safari about your existing medical conditions if you are going to be taking part in treks and activities. Guarantee that you have enough space in your bag for sufficient quantities of any prescription medication that you need to take with you including any precautions against malaria.

wombat hanging wash bag3

Wombat Hanging Toiletry / Wash bag


Sturdy walking shoes on safari are essential. Carry a bag with you that allows you to take an extra pair cotton socks as even the most sensible footwear can leave you with blisters at the end of a long day. The terrain is naturally uneven when on walking safaris it can take its toll unless your backpack is correctly packed. Also, a great tip is to make certain that you air out your shoes every night so that they will be fresh and dry for the next day’s walking safari. A Wombat Washable Leather Hat foldable hat is also perfect for the outdoors walkabout to keep the hot afternoon sun off your head.


wombat washable hat

Wombat Sand Coloured Washable Hat

Essential documents

Ensure that you have safe places to hold all of your valid passports, visas, information on vaccinations and any re-entry permits which you need to have easy access to. A Luxury Oiled Leather Shoulder Holster Wallet is a great choice when traveling on safari to keep your items safe. Made from Quality Hide Leather this Holster Shoulder holster wallet has two front zipped pockets which act to keep your cash and cards safe. Ensure that you keep separate your passport from your credit cards and cash with separate wallets in case you lose an item baggage.

wombat luxury Oiled Leather Shoulder Holster Wallet

Wombat Shoulder Holster Bag

Most of all relax – you are going on the holiday of a lifetime, have fun, learn from the adventure and enjoy your visit.  Have a fantastic safari!