Winter Fun in The Sun

Summer? Pah! Who needs that? Summer is just like, so, last season. There’s no time to sit moping around remembering those sunny beaches, clear blue skies and that lovely bronze aura that glowed from your skin. It’s all about looking ahead and thinking about the arrival of winter. Yes, that’s right winter. Autumn just kinda gets in the way off all that, letting us down gently from the summertime and getting us ready for the coldest three months of the year. Autumn is a bit of tease in that regard, a little like Spring. Both are in-between seasons that catch you off guard, as you are either wearing too little, or too much.

The real winners in the last few months of the year are the smart cookies that plan to get away during the winter and explore other parts of the world. You might be heading off to the alps to brush up on your downhill slaloming. Maybe you’re planning on nipping across to Iceland which has become an increasingly popular holiday destination over the past few years, or refusing to engage with cold altogether and catching some sneaky sun in somewhere like Cyprus or Goa. Whatever you’ve got planned, you are going to need to pack and if you need to pack, you are going to need a leather bag. Once you’ve booked your flights and hotel, scroll down and see what we’ve got in store for you this winter.


Believe it or not, there some people out there who can’t wait for the summer to end. There’s nothing worse for them than blazing hot days, enjoying drinks on warm summer evenings and taking long slow walks in the countryside. They couldn’t imagine anything worse. If you are one of these people, counting down the days until the temperature drops below 5 degrees so you swap the dry indoor slopes for the real deal, then your time is fast approaching. But you’ll need a strong leather bag to take along with you, carrying all the essentials you need as you hit the white stuff for the day.

Ever thought of going for a Waxed Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag instead?

Granted, the bag is not 100% waterproof but it is unlikely you are going to strap it to your back James Bond style and head off down the slopes. Offset against the brilliant white of the snow, this gorgeous bag is guaranteed to be a standout feature when you are out and about getting ready for the day ahead. There’s plenty of room inside this duffle and it is made to last, so it will see you through season after season of skiing delights.


If you’re something of a romantic and would like to visit a place that brings that fantasy into the real world, then Prague could be just what you are looking for. The added bonus is that it remains relatively tourist free during the winter, so you won’t be crowded out by other visitors. The beautiful architecture in the old town is truly stunning and the gaslights that fill the streets of the city centre create the idyllic little winter paradise. Whatever new cities you may be checking out over the winter months, for long or short breaks, make sure you pick the right bag to accompany you.

You are probably looking for a bag that is suited for either men or women and if that’s the case, this Thick Oiled Leather Travel Bag is the right one for you.

Planning for that extended weekend away in a gorgeous winter wonderland somewhere in Europe? Then this leather bag provides enough room for two, so you can travel light and concentrate on where you want to go and what you need to visit in the time you are there. In terms of leather bags that offer space, comfort and durability, this one is up with the very best.


More and more people have been heading away not just for a winter break but for Christmas and the New Year too. A white Christmas might be the last thing you are thinking of as you pack your trusty leather bag and prepare to make the most of the amazing sunshine abroad. Goa is a great pick for this time of year, as it covers all ages, from young to old. It’s great for partygoers and those just looking for a chilled out, easy going holiday. All set amongst picturesque surroundings. There’s plenty to explore to, so why not pick out a durable backpack that will see through the holiday and beyond?

If you’re out on holiday underneath the baking hot sun, the last thing you need is a big weight stuck to your back, moulding itself to your skin. Our wonderfully light little sling backpack is surprisingly spacious and won’t slow you down as you venture round on your sunny winter break. Sling it over one shoulder, or carry it in your hand, whatever suits you best during the day. There’s plenty of hidden pouches and pockets too, offering a lot of space to put all those little knickknacks you might need when out exploring.

While we’ll try our best not to be too jealous about your wonderful winter plans, we’ll be busy finding new leather bags that will make your holiday experience even better. The very best holidays are supported by functional bags that will make your life easier, doing the job they are meant to do, while you focus on having an absolute blast.

The last thing you want is a holiday experience ruined by a leather bag falling to pieces on the way to, or from the airport. Worse still if you are out and about far away from your hotel. As experienced travellers ourselves we know what you want and need from a leather bag. We put all of that knowledge into finding the very best leather bags that will see you through not just one holiday but the many more you have planned for the future too.

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