Wombat New Leather Hat Arrivals

You don’t have to look like you’ve walked straight of the set of Westworld to wear a leather bush hat. They are one of the most versatile leather accessories you can own, not only adding a touch of cool to your style but also doing an amazing job of keeping the sun off your head.  Not only that but they keep the glare out of your eye and ensure you stay dry should the heavens decide to open up above.

Here at Wombat Leather we can’t get enough of leather bush or cowboy hats and are excited to introduce two new additions to our collection. Read on below to find out more and see what inspiring outfit ideas you can conjure up as you plan your summer wardrobe.

The Distressed

Wombat New Leather Hat Arrivals Wombat Leather

Simply known as The Distressed hat due to the distressed soft leather that characterises its style, this stylish dark brown leather hat adds definitive urban cool as the finishing touch to any outfit. This foldable/crushable hat will not only keeping you looking cool but keep you feeling that way too by providing the perfect protection during the sunnier days.

It can be easily folded and packed away without running its shape and is a must have accessory to ahead of the fast approaching outdoor festival season. The leather grain on each hat is totally unique which means your purchase will be a complete one off to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The Wilds

Wombat New Leather Hat Arrivals Wombat Leather

For any campers or hikers planning their trips during the spring and summer check out this rugged camouflage brown hat which we have called The Wilds. It is the perfect hat to take away with you on holiday, as the soft foldable/crushable leather allows it to be packed away without taking up too much or affecting the shape when you take it back out.

The hat stays looking strong and durable with the worn effect giving it a classically aged appeal. When you head out into the country to explore the wide open spaces you need accessories that are functional and this soft leather hat ticks those boxes while also being incredibly stylish. Not only that, but the unique leather grain found on each one gives you a hat that is as individual as you are.

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