Leather Biker Wallets

Wombat Leather is proud to introduce this rugged durable and beautiful range of biker-style chain wallets. Like all of our fine accessories, these are made of the finest quality materials, and every detail has been attended to by some of the best leather craftspeople in the industry. Durable, incredibly well-made, and possibly the most attractive wallet you’ll ever own

What makes a ‘biker wallet’ what it is?

The chain helps, of course, but not all chain wallets qualify as biker wallets. A true biker wallet should be hand crafted of the finest leather and other materials, have a simple and uncluttered look and a no-nonsense appearance. However, just because a biker wallet has to be rugged and enduring, that doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian.

Our line of English Hide Leather biker wallets is proof that a simple, practical and genuinely masculine design can have a beauty all its own. Each style of wallet is available in a range of rich, fashionable colours, deep-dyed into the leather so it will look as good in a decade as it does right now. Each style also offers something unique and personal, from zippered coin pouches to places for all of your cards and IDs.

In the end, an English Hide Leather biker wallet offers something for everyone – quality and elegance for the professional who remembers their roots, style and aesthetics for those with high standards, and all the rigged endurance a working man needs to keep his money and ID in easy reach.

You cannot beat the security and peace of mind you get when you know your wallet is securely chained to your belt. Better still, all out Biker Wallets are RFID safe.

Why You Should Insist on English Hide Leather

Wombat Leather’s English Hide Leather wallets are made from the finest and longest-wearing natural material available today. All of our leathers are pit-tanned, dyed and finished by hand. Each is then treated with a secret traditional preparation of wax, tallow and oils. This gives them a look, feel and endurance that can’t be matched by any other process.

At Wombat Outdoor we give you access to a range of genuine leather products that are not only practical, but will keep you looking stylish wherever you’re looking to explore. See our full range of Biker Chain wallets and get yours today.