English Hide Leather Products

Wombat’s traditional English Hide Leather wallets and other products are made out of some of the finest and longest-wearing natural material known to man.  English hide leather is pit-tanned, dyed and colour finished by hand before being coated with a secret combination of waxes, tallows and oils to give each piece an unbeatable look and feel.

English Hide Leather

Wombat Leather began using genuine English hide leather to make wallets and other fine products only a few years ago, when we realised how difficult it was becoming to get real ‘bridle hide’ leather goods on the high street.

So what makes English hide leather so special? Process, materials and centuries of tradition.

The making of this ‘most traditional of all leathers’ begins with large, thick cowhide strong enough to become a saddle or a horse bridle. The leather is tanned, dyed and colour-finished using oak bark and other natural pigments. It is then made smooth and supple by massaging a secret mixture of waxes and oils into the leather. Finally, it is thinned, cut to size and sewn into shape by some of the finest craftspersons on Earth. The result is a wallet stylish product which will last for years – if not generations – with only the most basic of care.

Why You Should Insist on English Hide Leather

Wombat Leather’s English Hide Leather wallets are made from the finest and longest-wearing natural material available today. All of our leathers are pit-tanned, dyed and finished by hand. Each is then treated with a secret traditional preparation of wax, tallow and oils. This gives them a look, feel and endurance that can’t be matched by any other process.

Wombat Leather

Though Australian-inspired, Wombat leather products are all designed in the UK. Each piece is made of the finest possible materials, selected for their durability, even colour and suppleness. Each is designed and built for ‘real use’, and will stand up to a lifetime of adventure out in the elements. They represent the perfect union of form and function – just like their owners.