Wombat Wilderness Adventure

Are you ready to discover the adventure that lies within your soul? Wombat Leather can help you with a collection of leather bags, wallets and hats. 

The world is full of the most beautiful wilderness but you’ll never be able to appreciate what it offers if you don’t leave your comfort zone. Having the courage to move beyond the usual path and discover a new route of your own making can be deeply fulfilling.

Whether you choose to plunge into a forest or trek around the coastline, there are many parts of the world which offer meaningful experiences. Being brave enough to find adventure brings its own reward, and you’ll discover that the same mindset pervades the rest of your life too.

Courage breeds courage, and before too long you’ll have the ability to brush aside those small, niggly fears which can dominate. Decide to do things differently and it’s something that you’ll never forget.

Be brave be bold and choose Wombat Leather. A collection to encourage your independence, there’s everything that an intrepid explorer could ever desire – and maybe a little more. 

The Wilds 

Have you ever dreamed of escaping from the stresses and strains of modern living for good? Enjoying a life which is focused on the simple pleasures and where the air is fresh and clear? Shrugging off the shackles of modern living and going back to basics can be a wonderfully liberating experience allowing you to concentrate on the things that fill you with joy.

You might not be able to live out your dream all year round in the way that you’d ultimately choose but you can incorporate those moments into your everyday life. Be your best self in every situation, even if you’re not yet where you want to be.

Surrounding yourself with those that love you, and who you love can bring contentment to everyday living. Four-legged friends count just as much as humans!

Wombat Wilderness Adventure Wombat Leather

Be ready to embark on an adventure at a moment’s notice, taking a break from your 9-5 routine and exploring the wilds. Forget about a holiday where you spend two weeks on the beach; challenge yourself to experience more and discover the beauty of the world that awaits.

Opting to be more open-minded about your travel plans doesn’t mean that you have to be ill-prepared. Wombat leather travel bags make sure that you have room to take everything you need, plus a few creature comforts.

Perhaps you’re about to take a trek to a remote stretch of coastline, or maybe you’ve set your heart on climbing a mountain or hiking through a lush forest. Whatever escapades you’re planning, you can fit everything you need into our soft leather duffle bags.

Here at Wombat Leather we live and breathe the spirit of adventure and independence so we have a range of other high-quality items which you’ll find essential. We know what travelling into the wilds entails, and our products are designed to be practical, tough and long-lasting as well as exquisitely beautiful.

Age is nothing but a number; however old you are it’s never too late to discover the adventurer within your soul. From leather toiletry bags to shoulder holster wallets, our collection of travel accessories will make sure every trip goes without a hitch.

Not many people are lucky enough to be able to avoid the need to earn a living but there’s nothing to stop you planning your next getaway. Dare to tread a path away from the beaten track and you’ll find the life that you experience makes it all worthwhile.

There is so much wild beauty in the world which has to be seen to be believed, there’s no end to the fun that you could have. The only certainty is that wherever you go your Wombat Leather accessories will be waiting to accompany you on your journey. 

Outback and Distressed Leather Hats 

There isn’t an outfit which can’t be improved by the addition of a good hat – and good hats are something that Wombat Leather know all about. Take a look at our collection of leather hats and you’ll see they’re the kind of accessory that’s waiting to be part of a story. Your story.

Wombat Wilderness Adventure Wombat Leather

Your mind is the most beautiful part of your body and it holds limitless opportunities. If you can dream it, you can do it so don’t wait any longer to let your mind off its leash and discover the depths of your imagination.

The natural world is a great source of inspiration so don’t be afraid to get out there and see the raw beauty that exists. Mankind has a habit of taking the planet for granted but it’s our shared responsibility to nurture it for future generations. Only by showing love to our environment can we ever truly appreciate the world that we have the fortune to live in.

When you’re on your adventure, one of our Wombat Leather hats will protect you in all weathers, no matter if it’s rain or shine. Flawlessly crafted using Australian design as inspiration, every hat is made from premium cow hide.

With an Aussie bush hat on your head, you’ll feel invincible as you venture into the unknown, ready to embrace the adventure that awaits. Cattle drovers in the hot outback depend on their hats for protection against the elements – it’s one of their most prized possessions.

Once you’ve been introduced to your own Wombat Leather bush-style hat you’ll understand the love affair. Soft, comfortable and effortlessly stylish, you’ll soon feel naked without your hat on your head!

We have a variety of styles and colours so everyone can find their perfect hat. Available in shades of brown and sand, there’s Aussie-style hats with plaited, removable bands as well as traditional cowboy hats with a wide brim.

For a rugged country look, choose a distressed leather hat; a design which only increases in beauty as it ages.

Wombat Wilderness Adventure Wombat Leather

We’ve got foldable hats too so there’s no reason not to take them on your travels. When they’re not in your holdall, let your hat hang naturally from a peg or stash it upside down. Being mobile doesn’t mean going without one of our Wombat Leather hats, even if you’re short on space.

Once you’ve enjoyed a couple of adventures with your leather hat, you’ll be yearning for more time to make memories you’ll never forget. 

Urban Wallet 

You don’t need to be out in the wilderness to celebrate your sense of adventure and individuality. Urban life can be beautiful too; every day is what you make of it. Take time to look around your home town with fresh eyes – imagine you’re seeing it for the first time and appreciate the vibrance which surrounds you.

Even the smallest thing can bring intense pleasure, like our collection of incredible urban wallets and purses. Made from the softest cow hide and to the meticulous standards that we demand here at Wombat Leather, every design has unique appeal.

We adore the great outdoors, and we love to talk about it. However, we appreciate that there are times when you’ll want a look that’s less rustic and more refined. That’s why our urban collection encompasses a full range of styles from outdoorsy, distressed leather wallets to brightly coloured sleek leather purses.

This is true country couture with our artisan Italian range complementing our more edgy styles, accessories that deserve to be seen. We know that everyone is different and that’s why our range of urban wallets give you all the choice you need.

Being in sync with the planet and the world around you doesn’t mean you need to denounce the latest technology. Living in harmony with our environment, protecting the Earth and doing no harm are compatible with enjoying personal indulgences too. Some of our wallets offer RFID-blocking technology, just proving the point that accessories can be ethical as well as stylish and modern. 

Whether you need a sleek wallet to slip into your suit, or a bulky design that won’t get lost in your backpack while you enjoy exploring your town, you’ll find Wombat Leather have the answer. Wallets may be small compared to holdalls and duffel bags but they’re crammed with the same love, attention and expertise that you have the right to expect from Wombat Leather.

Our urban collection of wallets and purses bring a new dimension to our cowhide designs. We’re determined to show that there’s beauty everywhere you look, and that includes in the mirror. 

Urban Backpack 

What have you got planned for this morning? Perhaps you’re hopping on the bus or train to work while secretly thinking about your next holiday… Or maybe you’ve decided to dedicate some time to checking out secret corners of your city that no-one knows are there. Whatever you’re doing, we hope you have a wonderful day.

Wombat Wilderness Adventure Wombat Leather

Being an intrepid adventurer is a frame of mind, so even if you have to attend to work, college or other routines, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of your sense of spirit. Approach every day with enthusiasm and excitement about what it will bring and your positive outlook will reap rewards.

Our collection of urban backpacks are the natural accessory for every moment of your life. From beating the streets on the way to work to spending peaceful hours wandering through your local park or green space, we feel you.

Slide one of our vintage-style leather bags on and you’ll be ready to face the day and all that it holds. Traditional backpacks work well with almost any situation none more so than those from us here at Wombat Leather. Soft, natural browns combine with the silky-smooth finish of soft cowhide to create a backpack that’s as stylish as it is practical.

With buckled pockets and a roomy main compartment our leather backpacks offer a secure and usable space to transport your items around. Maybe you’ve got a stash of supplies to keep you going while you travel around urban areas, discovering the quiet corners that everyone’s forgotten….or perhaps you’re carrying important work documents that you don’t want to lose…

The great thing about our collection of urban backpacks is that they suit a diverse range of purposes. Whether it’s work or play, our leather bags are the ultimate accessory that will leave you looking chic, as well as being well-organised.

It’s hard to beat a backpack as a practical choice and we know that if you’re hiking a considerable distance, there’s no bag that’s more comfortable to carry. However, for shorter excursions out or work purposes, our collection of alternative leather bags are just as beautiful.

Our leather messenger bags are a superb choice for transporting documents so you’ll arrive at the office without a single crease on the page. For old-school style opt for a leather satchel, a truly vintage design that’s a heady mixture of the familiar and reinvented modern styling. Just like backpacks, messenger bags and backpacks are unisex and look fabulous on both men and women… especially ours.

Stride through the streets with confidence, looking as good as you feel. From comfy holdalls which are perfect for weekends away to sling backpacks, Wombat Leather are the accessory that you should never be without.

Be Your Best Self 

We hope that you’re feeling inspired to strike out and find the wilderness in this world where you can just breathe and relax. If you can’t hop on a plane and enjoy an adventure in a far-flung land there are plenty of urban places that are waiting to be discovered.

Whether it’s a leather bag, Aussie-style bush hat or just a simple urban wallet, Wombat Leather walk with your every step of the way offering encouragement. Strike out and prepare to experience something new and you’ll be glad that you did.

Photographs by @thedavidsban





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