With all of the excitement and planning that goes into arranging the perfect summer holiday, you won’t have forgotten that in the meantime, the daily routine goes on. Splurging all that cash on flights, accommodation and saving up that much needed spending money, all costs a pretty penny, and that’s before you’ve even began looking at your wardrobe and other accessories you might need.

While there are some items that are unavoidably seasonal and can only be used during a long holiday, investing in a new travel, weekend or overnight bag to take with you will also mean you have a reliable and long-term accessory ready to be used for your normal routine and, of course, for future holidays too.

Travel As Light As You Need To

No doubt you are someone who loves to bring their sense of fun and adventure away with them on holiday, and the chances are you remain just as active throughout the whole year. You’re the type of person that signs up for that gym membership and definitely sees it through! When you pack your bag every evening or night ahead of hitting the gym, you’ll notice just how quickly the space disappears – leaving you desperately trying to cram everything else in on top of your training shoes.

That means you need a travel bag that not only gives you plenty of room but isn’t going to barge everyone else out of the way on the way to and from the gym! This Outback Brown Leather Holdall Travel Bag does that that, while its unique yet timeless design makes it a handsome addition to your wardrobe. It’s not often you can find a bag that can adapt to your needs, so simply strap it over your shoulder, or hold the supple brown leather in the palm of your hands when it’s time to go.


A Little Something For The Weekend

If your budget hasn’t allowed for an extended break away, or you prefer popping into a number of worldwide cities for short breaks, you have the flexibility of picking and choosing any time during the year to get away. Heading off to local or continental destinations for a short period of time means you will want to travel light with a weekend bag, and not be bogged down with weighty or bulky baggage. Although that may apply more to your outward journey than your return, where you could be laden down with a gifts galore!

Our Thick Brown Leather Large Rucksack Backpack is a weekend bag made to last and will accompany you on your travels, whatever the location. Sometimes you just need to get up and go with a bag that is stylish and strong, keeping all of your essentials together for the journey ahead. It is compact enough to stay by your side as hand luggage so your belongings always remain accessible. If you are venturing out to explore a new city for the day this rucksack is light and easy to adjust, so that all important change of footwear or clothing can be made in no time.

Overnight Delight

There’s no rest for the wicked when it comes to work, especially for those who have to travel frequently with their job. Heading off to stay in domestic or even international locations is not always as glamourous as it sounds. Much of the time it means heading from the airport to the hotel, onto the conference or meeting, before heading back again. They typically involve early starts and late finishes, rushing from one destination to another, so ideally you will want to travel light to avoid lugging around cumbersome luggage.

These trips away from home require an overnight bag that is both practical and reflective of your professional attitude, and the Waxed Canvas and Leather Holdall does just that by being both formal and informal. If you need an extra change of clothes for an evening function there is plenty of room inside without having to crease them up unnecessarily. Any important work documents you need to bring along can be accessed quickly on your journey, before being simply slotted away for later.


Travelling is as much about exploration as it is about self-discovery – journeying to new and exciting destinations that not only enrich your knowledge of the world but helps to widen the boundaries of your personal tastes. At Wombat Leather we have a huge passion for travel, which informs everything we do. We at Wombat Leather believe our energy shines through into the many collections we have on display, making your life that little bit easier as you head off towards new adventures.


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