For as long as humans have been around, we’ve been using our backs to do the heavy lifting. So, thank goodness for the backpack! Some people find a normal bag quite cumbersome to carry, getting in their way as they walk, weighing them down on one side and just generally making them feel uncomfortable with it in their hand. It’s a feeling most of us can relate to at some point, so it’s to safe to say that almost everyone owns a backpack of one description or another.

As much as it is the cornerstone of any experienced hiker or traveller’s itinerary, the same could be said for schoolkids, university students and busy professionals. A good quality backpack can be something of a lifesaver, and especially in today’s world where we tend to keep our mobile phones close to hand for emails, texts and calls, having our hands free gives us the freedom we need when out and about on the move.

At one time there used to be something of a stigma attached to wearing a backpack, and it’s fair to say some of the older designs didn’t exactly lend themselves to the catwalk. Thankfully, over the past twenty years that has changed, with its popularity going up and down during that time but the designs and styles are far more in-line with current trends, meaning you won’t have to quickly shuffle to and from your destination, embarrassed by what’s on your back!


You can have the coolest looking backpack in the world but if it isn’t comfortable, then it will very quickly find itself a new home at the bottom of you cupboard. It’s something we’ve paid close attention to with our “Outback” Luxury Soft Oiled Brown Leather Backpack, which not only looks stylishly modern but is easy to wear over either shoulder, or strapped in across your back.

With a buckle found at the top opening and also to help secure the outside pouch, this cool design feature also adds an extra level of security will keep your possessions safe. The inside is also fully lined and comes with a drawstring closing that is easily adjusted. If you are heading away on a short weekend trip, or even just out for the day, then this beautiful leather bag will give you exactly what you need.

“Outback” Luxury Soft Oiled Brown Leather Backpack


Of course, not everyone prefers to wear their backpack in the traditional way, which is what makes the bag so versatile. If you are not carrying much weight in the bag, hanging it off one shoulder or the other feels comfortable and allows easy access to the contents, which is particularly useful if you are heading away on a day out. Not everyone enjoys having to throw their arms back to slide the bag on and off, so perhaps buying a backpack specifically designed to match that need is the best option to go for.

If that is the sort of style that suits you best, try out our Large Brown Leather Sling Backpack Bag for size. If you are heading out for the day and carrying a large bottle of water, or other items that may feel a bit heavy on the shoulder, you can choose to use the carry handle instead. The gorgeous brown leather will easily blend in with lighter summer clothing, so you won’t be left feeling you are carrying an eyesore on your back. With pockets and pouches galore, you won’t have a problem keeping your belongings separate from each other.

Wombat Brown Hunter Leather Sling Backpack Bag


Ideally you want your backpack to be ready no matter what the weather has in store, rather than just the hazy days of summertime. This makes it a much better investment because it can be used on a regular basis all year round. Similarly, if you are heading away on holiday, having a smaller backpack to hand makes it easier to pack your essentials for the day and head out to explore the local area. In these instances, the ideal backpack would be one that is both waterproof and small enough to tuck away in a larger suitcase without taking up too much room.

If that is the case, this Waxed Canvas and Leather Sling Backpack could be just what you are looking for. While the waxed canvas helps to make the bag highly waterproof, it does not provide 100% coverage, although if you are caught short in the rain, your items are likely to remain dry and untouched. The size is ideal to keep your essentials with you when you are out and about, which works just as well if you want to travel light to and from work.



During the warmer periods of the year, you want to get from A to B quickly and without hassle and especially without getting too hot and flustered. There is nothing worse than rushing around and developing that horrible clammy feeling that leaves your clothes and your bag sticking close to you as the sweat starts to take over. It’s a fast paced world, so not only do you need clothing that can let you breathe but accessories that are functional, fashionable and will help make your life that little bit easier.

This Waxed Canvas and Leather Rucksack is not only spacious but light enough not to bog you down on your travels. Made from oiled waxed canvas that not only gives it a classy and refined look, the material is also waterproof, which always proves to be a great help domestically and if you want to take it out trekking. The main zip also has two separate eyelets, which means with the simple addition of a small padlock, you can keep all of your belongings safely locked away without having to worry about security. This is particularly useful when you are moving through busy areas or travelling to news cities where you may have some concerns.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a case of opting for either a handheld bag or a backpack, as they both serve different functions at different times. The key is having a backpack to hand when you need it. Taking the time to find one that matches your lifestyle and personal taste shouldn’t be a quick decision, which is why we at wombat leather take the time to help you find the right one for you. This is just a small selection of the rucksacks we have available, all of which will help enjoy the summertime that little bit more.