Waterproof Fabric Protector Spray


A Great Way Of Protecting Your Outdoor Gear From Water Damage. The Spray Can Be Used On Most Textiles, Synthetic Fibres And Genuine Leather And Can Help To Extend The Life Of Your Outdoor Item. Ideal For Use On Clothing, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Rucksacks, Shoes, Boots, Umbrellas Etc…..

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  • Water Proof Fabric Protector Spray
  • Ensure Object To Be Treated Is Free Of Dirt And Dry
  • Before Use Check Compatibility And Colour Fastness By Testing On An Inconspicuous Area.
  • Spray Uniformly From A Distance Of Approx 30cm.
  • Allow To Dry Thoroughly Before Use.
  • Repeat Application As Required.
  • Use In A Well Ventilated Area.
  • Not Suitable For Imitation Leather.