The Rising Appeal of Leather Australian Bush Hat

Anyone on the hunt for casual, yet chic and highly functional additions for their wardrobes will discover the appeal of the leather Australian bush hat is fast growing. While this distinct design has long been used by rugged outdoors loves, its unique benefits are making it a popular choice in everyday, city settings, as well.


Men’s leather hats and women’s hats made in this style are most assuredly fashionable additions to the wardrobe. Their unique design makes them suitable for wear with everything from blue jeans and T-shirts to casual professional attire. Dubbed “city chic” in some settings, men’s and women’s leather hats crafted in the bush style offer benefits that go beyond appearances. It is those benefits that combine with the attractiveness to make these hats a resounding hit. Here are just some of the benefits that go along with leather Australian bush hats:

  • Their durability – Finely crafted leather has the ability to withstand much wear and tear if it is well taken care of. When Australian bush hats are made from the highest-grade cattle hide, wearers can anticipate a tremendous lifespan if they do their part in cleaning and conditioning the leather. This material is also ideal for the creation of rugged overnight bags, weekend bags and other goods.
  • Their weather resistance – In rainy climates where keeping the head covered is a must to maintain hairstyles and avoid chills, a leather Australian bush hat will serve well. Cattle hide is extremely water-resistant, which means it can make a huge difference in providing the protection the head and face need from the elements. Since well-worked leather can withstand soakings, only a little care after exposure is required to keep a hat looking beautiful.
  • Their UV protection – Men’s leather hats and women’s hats made in the outback design are fully intended to protect the skin from UV exposure. That is the reason why these hats boast such a unique wide brim. This can be an important feature for those who are seeking to cut their risk of burns while still enjoying quality outdoor time.

If it’s time to add a distinct piece to the wardrobe, leather Australian bush hats make a discerning choice. These attractive designs offer durability and benefits that go beyond the ordinary.