Buy Yourself the Perfect Men’s leather hats

You don’t have be down in Texas living on a ranch, belting out sad country songs in Nashville or be herding sheep in the Australian outback to be able to wear a cowboy or outback hat. Men’s leather hats offer a great deal of versatility so you can match them to almost any outfit you’d like, giving a cool mystique to your look. What you may be surprised to learn about these hats is the amount of history and the whole culture that exists around styles, materials, how to wear them and cowboy hat etiquette too.

The times of old associated with cowboy hats instantly jumps out at you the moment you have one in your hands. As the wide brim was meant to protect working cowboys from the sun and rain, they were built with strength and endurance in mind and their design looks that way too. There is a certain masculinity that comes attached with a cowboy hat, although the female twist has also added a lighter touch and a sense of fun. We don’t expect that you’ll be out herding cattle during the summer (please correct us if we’re wrong!) but a men’s leather hat is always a popular choice come rain or shine.

Men’s Leather Hats for Cowboys

If you are heading out to the Midwestern region in America for a summer break, then you may find yourself inspired by the old western magic. When in cowboy territory then why not do as cowboys do? There are some truly beautiful areas to explore in the region, all of which are steeped in tradition that seem a million miles away from the ways of the modern world. You won’t exactly stumble into any whiskey saloons or high noon showdowns but because America is so large, some of the more remote areas can feel like a country within a country, a place of wonder, full of beautiful plains and wise old ways.

Our Wombat Ranger Soft Brown Full Grain Leather Cowboy Hat will make you instantly blend in with the locals, so you don’t stand out like a touristy sore thumb! The wide brim will keep you in the shade when stepping across those long, flat open plains and the waterproof leather will make sure you aren’t drenched by any unexpected downpours. The great thing about the hat is it will complement almost any outfit you are wearing on holiday and who knows, you may be inspired to go full cowboy and get yourself some boots too!

ranger leather hat

Bring out the Country and Western in You with a Men’s Leather Hat

Men’s cowboy hats make you stand out from the crowd, so if you like to have a bit of fun with clothing attire and don’t mind being a bit of a head turner, then this is a must for your wardrobe. Some people are inspired to wear them through their love of country music and like many fans of specific genres of music, they want to dress themselves in the clothes their favourite artists wear in order to feel closer to the music. Others just like to step away from the norm and wear something a little different and it’s this sort of out-the-box thinking that makes fashion so amazing.

The Wombat Ridge Hill Foldable Style Leather Hat adds a bit of urban cool to a rural style. Worn with stonewash denim and a simple t-shirt or shirt, it adds the finishing touch to look that will keep you looking sharp throughout the summer. Not only that, but the material has been coated in special oils to provide extra protection against UV rays and the wax also helps to keep it showerproof. The hat can be folded away without ruining its shape, making it a must have for those who like adventure in their clothing habits as much as their lifestyle.

Ridge Hill Leather Hat

A Men’s Leather Hat Is Made for Adventure

It’s the little things that make a big difference and that very much applies to the clothes and accessories we wear. While some are quite happy sitting by the poolside or the beach and others like to be a little more active and spend time exploring cities, there are other holidaymakers who want a bit of Bear Grylls-style action, spending a couple of weeks out in the wild. They’ll want all the gear to survive the elements but a men’s leather hat not only serves a practical purpose but also a mental one, making the adventurer feel like that they have the right mind set to handle anything that the great outdoors might throw at them.

Journeying towards the outback or a similar terrain? Then you won’t want a hat that is too pristine and doesn’t fit in with the surroundings. Our Wombat Soft Distressed Brown Foldable Leather Hat not only looks the part but makes you instantly feel ready to take on the natural world. The distressed leather remains as strong and durable as you’d expect, with the worn effect intended to give the hat a classically aged look. The lightweight material will keep you feeling light on your feet as your journey along and if you need to take it off your head for a short while, it can be easily folded away into your rucksack or bag.

What makes a men’s leather hat feels so timeless is the fact that it has been around for almost 200 years and is still going strong. We may not be riding horseback and chasing after bad buys like John Wayne but their strong shape and design keeps us gravitating back to it again and again. We’ve been sourcing men’s leather hats for many years and continue to see just how popular they are with men of all age groups, which speaks for itself.

You don’t have to throw on any leather chaps or walk around with a gun in your holster in order to wear one. Most of us guys are big kids at heart, and once you see our suggestions above you’ll soon see how easy it is to look inside and find your inner cowboy. Find the perfect mens leather hat at Wombat today