Summer Day Trip Accessories

Waxed Canvas and Leather Rucksack

It’s been an amazing week of summer for everyone in the UK, with temperatures blasting up and over 30 degrees on many days. Granted, life in the office hasn’t been so amazing, although it’s hard to deny that everyone wakes up feeling that little bit brighter and despite the close air, you can’t fail to enjoy stepping out into blue skies and sun drenched streets. HR departments and line managers have no doubt been inundated with last minute holiday requests as everyone tries to make the most of glorious sunshine, leaving typically busy offices looking empty. It may not be too surprising to find that many of your bosses or sales teams suddenly have a lot of ‘outside appointments’ to attend – what a strange coincidence!

Aside from all our holiday and day trip plans, there are a number of big events coming up over the next month that everyone wants to be part of, so now is the time to start thinking about what accessories you might need. Glastonbury has just begin, hoping to avoid its famous muddy fields this year round and the lush green lawns of Wimbledon will be open to the public in only two weeks’ time.  Heading into July there is the delightful Henley Regatta stretching along the Thames, the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show returns and of course the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.


Wimbledon is time to enjoy the crème of the crop in the world of tennis, taking in the wonderful sights of the stadia and all the traditional luxuries that come with it. Having a British player as the number one player in the world also helps to make it that bit more enjoyable than the days of Henman and co! If you are heading down to SW19 for a day or two, you’ll no doubt want to travel lightly. Unless you are lucky enough to have secured tickets beforehand, the day will entail moving from one outside court to the next, or if you want to brave the queues outside the main courts, prepare for a long wait in line!

Of course you’ll want to taste the delights of strawberries and cream and indulge yourself with the odd Pimms or two but bringing along a packed lunch is never a bad idea, so you can relax for a while up on Henman Hill (or is it Murray Mound?). This Waxed Canvas and Leather Rucksack allows enough room to pack away any lunchtime snacks, while also creating a stylish South West London look many will be envious of. Because it is lightweight and easy to carry around, you won’t get worn down during the long day and the waxed canvas will offer some protection should any of the famous Wimbledon showers suddenly appear.
Summer Day Trip Accessories Wombat Leather


With the Henley Regatta is only a few short days away, it offers a great chance to go and take in the beautiful sights of Henley and the River Thames, spend some time with friends and enjoy the warm weather. There is something particularly serene and calming about being near the water’s edge and if you get there early enough, you can relax and spend the rest of the day in peace. Of course, you’ll want to bring a picnic or some food to get you through the day, and you’ll need a bag that will let you blend in with the countryside and allow for plenty of space too.

The Outback Luxury Soft Oiled Brown Leather Backpack is great for these types of days out, providing extra storage room in its pouches and compartments, along with plenty of space inside. After watching a number of races throughout the day you may want to get up and stretch your legs to explore the lovely green spaces in the surrounding area. This gorgeous backpack allows you to gather your stuff together quickly, so you can head off to explore the country fields.
Summer Day Trip Accessories Wombat Leather


If taking in the rich sights of Wimbledon, or if the soothing waters of Henley are a bit too sedative for your tastes, then you may have the next British Grand Prix in your sights. This fast and exciting change of pace attracts thousands of people every year, all eager to catch a glimpse of their favourite racing stars while revelling in the high energy that radiates from being part of this event. The races can last for a couple of hours and you’ll need to keep yourself fresh and ready to enjoy the action. On a hot day you’ll need a cool bottle of water, some earplugs (the cars are noisy!), headphones (for the trackside radio) sun cream and maybe something warmer should the weather turn.

Try out our Large Brown Leather Sling Backpack Bag for size. Designed to be taken out on day trips, it can hold everything you need for that day at the races, without ever feeling like a burden on your shoulder. It’s rare to find a bag that can be so compact and lightweight, while offering so much functionality, which is why this continues to be such a popular choice for those summertime trips. The smooth brown leather blends in with almost anything, so you won’t have to worry about the outfit you pick out for the day ahead.
Summer Day Trip Accessories Wombat Leather

Of course, these are just three very simple examples of what you may choose to do with your summer. There are a whole myriad of exciting days out to choose from and Wombat are always there to help you out of a tight spot, should you need it. Heading out on a camping trip, or out trekking across beautiful sprawling hills and countryside? Our Traveller Range works as a starter pack that makes sure you are fully equipped for the day ahead.

Living in, or travelling to a big city offers more than enough places to seek out and enjoy and we are full of stylish ideas to make your day trip go off without a hitch. Who doesn’t want to have a bit of City Chic after all? At Wombat we understand that you live a busy life and need someone you can rely on to offer the type of classy and robust bags, hats, purses and wallets that will add that killer edge to your wardrobe. So take a look and lose yourself in the luxury of leather.

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