Travelling this Winter? Take a Look at Some Great Hats and Bags

As winter fast approaches, most men should be looking to their wardrobe and checking that they have appropriate accessories for the coldest months of the year. Even if you have the majority of your wardrobe sorted for November through to February, you may still be on the lookout for those important extras, such as a good quality bag and hat.

These are especially important purchases to make if you are planning to go on trips and travel at any point during the coming months, as you need to make sure you buy items that will not only provide you with great value for money, practicality but will also look good too.

With regards to your bag, you obviously want something that fits your particular needs. If you’re only going to be travelling lightly and not intending on carrying too many clothes, you will only need a small bag. This could either be because you’re travelling to a place where you have clothes already waiting for you, or simply because you don’t want the burden of heavy baggage.

With regards to hats, it really depends on where you are going. Some of the options below have been chosen for travelling in colder climates, whereas others have been chosen with warmer climates in mind.

The Humble Beanie

The beanie has a plethora of different names and is one of the most popular winter hats for men. Some people know it as a watch cap due to its military origins, whereas others know it as a stocking cap, sock cap or even a burglar cap, although we would not refer to it as that in polite company. The essentials of this hat are the same regardless of the name. It features a knitted material, which is normally synthetic, cotton, wool or a mixture, has a symmetrical and round shape and often has double layering thanks to the folded-up brim. The close-to-the-scalp fit means that it is very versatile and will fit easily under a hood.

The Classic Flat Cap

Flat caps and whippet dogs are a quintessential look in Yorkshire and the North of England. This is a much better choice of hat if you are trying to look stylish as well as keeping a warm head in those colder months. Although the range you’re more likely to wear during the spring and summer months will be thinner, there’s a variety available that are made using thicker layers of fabric that will stop you getting the chills.

When it comes to bags, you want something that will be reliable, particularly if you are going to be on the move a lot. Even if you’re heading to warmer pastures to escape the harsher temperatures back home, you will want something rugged and capable of holding up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

While the hats we’ve outlined above are better for colder weather, if you are planning to travel to sunnier, warmer places to beat the cold, you’ll need to adjust that winter wardrobe to suit the change in scenery. This is where Wombat Leather and their stunning selection of truly masculine hats come into play.

Very much designed by taking inspiration from the Wild West frontiers of the USA and the Australian Outback, their hats are crafted to keep you feeling as cool as you will look wearing them.

Wombat Leather Ridge Hill Foldable Style Leather Hat

Take the Wombat Ridge Hill Foldale Style Leather Hat as a perfect example of where practicality meets casual coolness. Made from a soft grain, genuine cattle hide leather, this is showerproof and oiled to enhance the leather’s natural protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. With its wide brim, you’ll also keep that sunshine out of your eyes. There are even loops attached to the inside so you can connect your own neck strap to it, if necessary.

Travelling this Winter? Take a Look at Some Great Hats and Bags Wombat Leather

However, from a travelling point of view, one of the biggest selling points and something we love about this hat is that it’s foldable. So, when the weather is not as hot or the sun isn’t beating down and shining as brightly, you can put it away without taking up too much space or worrying about ruining the integrity or aesthetic features of the hat.

Choosing that Perfect Travelling Bag

Wombat Leather, who use genuine high-quality Australian leather in all their products, have a wide range of different bags available that will suit the travelling man. The first thing you need to consider, that will help you make the right choice from the great selection out there, is what you actually need your bag for. Are you planning a long trip or one that will see you constantly moving from place to place? In the latter kind of situation, you’ll want a bigger sized bag, especially if you’ll make lots of stops at hotels, hostels and other forms of accommodation.

Wombat Leather Think Oiled Leather Large Holdall

While it won’t suit plans for backpacking, the Thick Oiled Leather Large holdall from Wombat Leather is ideal. There is a lot to love about this bag, including the fact that it has that luxuriously sexy and rugged oiled leather throughout that provides it with durability as well as appealing outdoorsy style. There are three zippered sections at the top, with a zipper that runs down the centre opening up to the main compartment. Inside you’ll find enough space to put a whole lot of clothes and other important, larger items.

At either side of the central compartment there’s a further large pocket, also with a zipper.  Fully lined with green cotton for additional accents that look great against the brown of the leather, it comes with a detachable and fully adjustable shoulder strap, giving you a wide range of carrying options.

Travelling this Winter? Take a Look at Some Great Hats and Bags Wombat Leather

Wombat Leather Urban Backpack

On the other hand, if your travel involves a lot of moving and even hiking and you are intent on keeping your baggage as light as possible, you might opt for the Urban Backpack from Wombat Leather.  Much lighter and more compact than the option above, this comes with a top flap opening and magnetic fastening for easy access and closing.

Travelling this Winter? Take a Look at Some Great Hats and Bags Wombat Leather

There is a front pocket-styled pouch and external pockets at either side, along with a further zipped pocket on the inside. Although small, with all the different compartments, it’s actually rather deceptive. The wide backpack carry-straps make it incredibly comfortable – something that’s important on those long stretches of walking or even jumping from one train to another.

So, when it comes to buying men’s bags and leather hats, there’s a lot of great options to choose from at Wombat Leather. The main selling point of choosing Wombat Leather over other companies is that you know it is genuine Australian leather. This gives you the assurance that you’re getting a quality product that will last you a considerable amount of time. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a hat or bag, only for it to fail on you, especially if you are thousands of miles away on your travels.

With Wombat Leather hats and leather bags, that will never happen.



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