Stylish and Robust Cowboy Hats and Leather Bags

Looking to head to the States this summer? Look cool, while staying cool and keeping your belongings safe with our great cowboy hats and a stunning leather bag from our collection.

Do you have any holidays booked abroad, perhaps to America, this year? If so, do you have all your clothes and other important necessities sorted? Got the time off work, got a house sitter and someone to look after your pets (if you have any)? When you are heading to a part of the world that is known for having an especially hot climate, like California, you need to pack so you can dress appropriately. Even if you have most of your clothes sorted, have you given much thought to accessories you might need?

We’re talking about accessories like hats, that can help keep the sun out of your eyes and ensure that your head stays cool. We also mean bags that mean you have a sturdy and reliable solution to carrying the things you need with you on a day to day basis. If you choose wisely these kinds of items will not only be made from top quality materials but will help, ensure that you look every bit the style icon you want to while away. You want things that are practical and comfortable, but there’s nothing wrong with investing something that looks great too.

Why Choose Wombat Leather?

You may find all you are looking for and more from Wombat Leather. Wombat Leather is a UK-based company that specialises in Australian-inspired outdoors accessories and clothing. They believe in not compromising on style and aesthetics when making products that perform a practical function.

In the following post we want to highlight some of the great cowboy hats and travel bags they have on offer.


W61 small

Let’s start from the top and work our way downwards, so to speak, with hats. The average Wombat Leather hat is made using only the finest cattle hide we were able to source. It’s something we take very seriously as a company and if the weather takes a turn for the worst, a good quality leather hat will provide the best protection in wetter conditions. As well as providing protection against wet weather, they are also designed to provide protection against UV rays from the sun and are built to last.

The Distressed Hat

Take, for instance, the hat simply referred to as The Distressed. This aptly-named hat is made from a soft and gently-distressed leather that gives it real character and charm. It looks and feels like it’s a hat you’ve had for several years, right from the moment you first wear it. It’s ideal for trips to the Sunset Cliffs of San Diego or if you plan on checking out Scripps Pier in La Jolla

One of the best features, aside from how effortlessly cool this piece is, is the fact that it can be crushed/folded right down and packed away, without taking up too much space. There’s no need to worry about it losing its shape or definition, as it will pop back to life when it’s time to put it back on again.

W56 small

The Wilds Hat

Another great hat you may want to consider, especially if you plan on doing a lot of hiking and camping while you are away is the Wombat Wilds hat. This is a rugged and durable design that has a camouflage-brown colour to it. You’ll find that it goes with just about anything and is perfect for any setting, whether you are checking out the Lake Eisnore & Antelope Valley in California or Salvation Mountain.

W34 small

Like many of the others in our range, it’s foldable so it won’t take up too much of the available space you have in your bag. This is especially important when space is at a premium.

Washable Sand Hat

Hats, especially when you are travelling to and exploring areas where there’s all kinds of dirt and debris that can get kicked up, can get dirty fast. No-one wants to walk around in a dirty hat really do they. The problem is that often hats are not very washable. That’s where this lightweight option from Wombat is different. As well as being foldable for easier and more compact packing, it’s also washable. You can simple clean it up in lukewarm water with your hands and no detergents and it will be good as new once it dries off.

W7 small


Now that we’ve given you an idea of some of the great bags you can get from Wombat Leather, let’s talk about some of the high-quality bags. Wombat Leather bags come in all shapes and sizes and provide a multitude of different functions for various locations. Whether you’re looking for that all-purpose holdall, a handy and lightweight messenger bag or a petite and practical pouch-style solution, we have you covered. Style is never pushed to one side, as the Wombat Leather expectations are met.

Large Waxed Canvas and Leather Holdall

Ig you’re looking for something that will look just as good if you are on a trip to somewhere rural like the stunning Cleveland National Forest in California or out and about in tow, this bag is a great choice. It’s made from a combination of superior quality waxed cotton and oiled buffalo leather to produce a bag that’s waterproof, hardwearing and tough. The interior has been finished to a high standard with an attractive checked cotton lining, that also ensures your delicates and valuables are protected from the roughness of the outer materials.

W15 small

Rather than being restrictive, you have plenty of carrying options thanks to the removable canvas straps and generously-sized soft leather straps.

Waxed Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag

If you’re looking for something a little simpler and uncomplicated, you might want to consider the awesome waxed canvas and leather messenger bag we have on offer. The materials used for this creation ensure that it is not only extremely tough, but also extremely handsome. To provide some contrast there is a strip of leather that runs down the front of the bag that differs in shade to the colours of the flap over-style opening and the main body.

W22 small

On the interior you’ll find stunning orangey-red cotton lining. This helps to keep whatever you take along with you in the bag safe as well as providing another attractive and aesthetically-pleasing element.

Zip Top Small Travel Pouch

Finally, if you are interested in a solution to your everyday bag problem, but don’t want to take something too bulky, you should check out the zipper-closure topped small travel pouch. Made from only the best-oiled leather, this is a bag that will stand the test of time and the trials of everyday use. It’s small but has enough room for all those essentials you can’t be without but won’t cramp your style or weigh you down.

W21 small

With the adjustable leather strap that’s attached to it, you have a variety of carrying options, including the ever-popular choice of using it as a shoulder strap.

There is no reason, particularly when you invest in one of our leather cowboy hats or a nice leather bag, that you can’t look cool while exploring some of the best destinations around the world. We put a lot of time, effort, love and passion into our products to ensure that they are as good as they possibly can be.

Photography Credits: Samantha Thomas