WOMBAT: Outdoor Wear For The Summer Ahead

Chances are, if you haven’t already booked your main holiday for the year, you have at least started to look around at places and the best deals on offer. So it goes without saying that new items will have to be added to your wardrobe for those two special weeks.

So that’s your summer holiday sorted, but what about the rest of the year? The temperature is rising and the wind and rain slowly becoming a distant memory, so there will be plenty of days out and weekend trips that will pop out of the blue.

Not only do you need to look the part when you are travelling but you want clothing and accessories that are functional and durable, which is not always an easy balance to strike.

Wombat Leather was created for this very reason. We aren’t here to simply offer you the same old thing you can find anywhere else online or on the high street. Our exciting range of leather outdoor wear is designed and handpicked to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Do you need to find a reliable cross body bag, or wallet to rely on as your plans quickly change? A new hat to keep you looking and feeling cool? Or a travel bag that will keep your important items together as you head off into sunnier climes? Well, read on, because we have some great suggestions for you.


The walking festival season starts in earnest by the end of April, with a multitude of events taking place across not only the UK, but Europe too. If you prefer taking a leisurely stroll through forest trails or across plush green acres, our Outback Hat could be for you. It is one of many from our broad selection of hats that will help cool you down, or offer protection should an unexpected shower appear out of the blue.

WOMBAT: Outdoor Wear For The Summer Ahead Wombat Leather


A strong, reliable and stylish travel bag is an item that should never be taken for granted. You may be on a city break or a business trip, needing something light and accessible to pack away essential clothing and any little treats you may pick up too!

The Outback Brown Leather Holdall Travel Bag is designed with this in mind, packed with hidden pockets and just the right amount of space. If you have something a little more rustic in mind, then try the Waxed Canvas and Leather Holdall as a classic alternative.

WOMBAT: Outdoor Wear For The Summer Ahead Wombat Leather


Sometimes, you just want to leave the house or hotel with nothing but your keys, money and your wits to keep you company (and your other half of course!). Just because you are travelling light doesn’t mean you can’t keep organised, so why not let a reliable wallet do the hard work for you?

We have a whole range of gorgeous brown leather wallets that will ensure that your belongings are safely kept in one place as you move around. Two great options are the Artisan Luxury Italian Brown wallet for a more conventional design, or our Artisan Luxury Italian Brown Leather Jacket Wallet will slip just as easily inside a jean or jacket pocket.


Line-ups for many of the years biggest music festivals are starting to take shape, meaning long days or weekends spent out and about. Whether you are camping overnight or heading back home, a Luxury Soft Oiled Brown Leather Backpack keeps your belongings with you at all times. If festivals aren’t really your scene, this Outback bag can be taken on long summer walks, or sporting events, without weighing you down.


Fans of the great outdoors love nothing more than pitching up amidst beautiful surroundings and taking in the atmosphere. But no matter how natural you want to be, you still need to keep your personal toiletries close to hand during the trip! Try our Waxed Canvas and Leather Wash Bag for size and you won’t be disappointed. Secure, spacious and stylish, it ticks all the right boxes.

A Leather Sling Backpack Bag is the ideal bag to bring with you when leaving camp, or heading across the countryside to explore the idyllic scenery on an exciting field trip. Slung across your back or simply hooked over your shoulder, it keeps out of the way and is there when you need it. Our Oiled Leather Shoulder Holster Wallet works in a similar fashion, beautifully designed to adjust to your level of activity.

WOMBAT: Outdoor Wear For The Summer Ahead Wombat Leather


Of course, these are just a few suggestions to get help get you started. Many people will be heading off on hiking or fishing expeditions, or going out into deep country to enjoy a spot of shooting or wildlife watching.

Canoeing, abseiling, cycling trips and more are some of the exciting adventures we hear our customers talking about when making enquiries into suitable accessories to accompany them on their travels. So just because you haven’t seen your particular activity mentioned here, rest assured, we still have you covered!

Heading outdoors doesn’t just mean going full Bear Grylls; disappearing off into the forest to survive on berries! Our City Chic collection is designed for the city dwellers. Those who either travel with work across the world, spend time exploring urban landscapes or quite simple just want to add a cutting edge to their wardrobe in their home town.


There is no one style to suit all and we always build our collections with that in mind. Even if you make a purchase with a particular event in mind, you will soon realise just how flexible our range can be, finding regular use within your daily routines.

At Wombat, we want you to be inspired by our fashion and feel confident when using it to step outside to tackle the world at large. Every day presents a new challenge, so you need a reliable partner that can give you what you need, at a price you can afford.

We offer you luxury and style at the click of a button – and all we want in return is your enjoyment!

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