Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations

Without a doubt, the most expected time of the year is the vacation. Those days or weeks of peace dedicated to restoring the energy while exploring new or old places. It doesn’t matter what type of traveller you are, it doesn’t matter if you like strolling through the narrow streets of a city, hiking on mountains or sunbathing on a yacht, the truth is that there will always be a certain amount of time you will have to spend outdoors on your vacation, and we’re quite sure you want to look at your best no matter where you are.

Since creating a comfy holiday look that is still fashionable is not really a piece of cake, we decided to dedicate this article to vacation fashion and accessories. Read on to find out how to enjoy your outdoor time while looking at your best.

City Chic Look For Unforgettable City Breaks

If your favourite thing on vacation is getting lost through the maze of streets of a city, then you should go for a comfy yet stylish look. On spring or summer, opt for a chiffon dress in bright or pastel colours, a pair of low heel shoes or leather summer boots and a small yet spacious bag, such as a leather Small Travel Crossbody Bag. For an even chicer look, or if you don’t really like leather bags, a beautiful Waxed Canvas and Leather Crossbody Bag could be a great alternative and both bags match perfectly with our selection of waterproof hats for all weathers that will not only successfully complete your look but will also protect you from the sun or rain.

Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations Wombat Leather

If you’re travelling in autumn or winter, you can still choose one of our crossbody bags and match it with a pair of beautiful leather boots, leggings, an oversized sweater and a chic poncho or a trench coat.

For gentlemen explorers, a great outfit to wear during a city break is made of trousers, comfortable canvas shoes, and a stylish polo t-shirt or a cotton shirt in the preferred colours. Complement the outfit with a Waxed Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag as well as with a Wombat showerproof hat. During the cold season, you could opt for a comfortable jacket complemented by a stylish Wombat Ridge Hill Foldable Style Leather Hat.

Stylish Looks While Hiking

Sadly, many people think that outdoor activities are not synonym with a stylish look. If you are part of those people, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Yes, for some activities you will need to wear specific clothing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enhance your look with a few stylish accessories such as leather bags or hats.

One of the most loved outdoor activities is hiking, an activity that requires the use of specific hiking shoes and clothing usually made of waterproof and lightweight materials. But you can still create a stylish look while hiking by choosing a comfy pair of neutral coloured shorts or trousers matched with a lightweight utility jacket and a cotton shirt.

To complement your outfit, and also to add a touch of style, choose a Wombat leather hat designed to protect you from the sun. The Wombat Soft Foldable Lightweight Washable Hat is a great choice for a summer hike and it comes in two attractive colours, brown and sand.

The last touch to your summer hiking look can be given by a leather backpack that will help you keep your belongings together while keeping your hands free. An “Outback” Luxury Soft Oiled Brown Leather Backpack might be just the right choice for you.

Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations Wombat Leather

An Ultimate Horse Riding Experience

Another engaging outdoor activity is horse riding, an experience that will keep you in contact with nature, filling your soul with positive emotions.

As you can imagine, the right outfit, in this case, is made of jeans trousers matched with a jeans shirt and a leather vest. A matching pair of leather boots will certainly make you look fashionable, but no look is complete without accessories.

A Wombat leather hat and matching backpack will make the perfect accessories if you’re planning a horse riding experience. We suggest the Wombat Ranger Soft Brown Full Grain Leather Cowboy Hat and the Large Brown Leather Sling Backpack Bag, but you can choose the combination of your choice from our shop.

Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations Wombat Leather

Perfect Bag For Bird Watching

If nature photography is your passion, or if you’re a bird watching passionate and love to take your camera with you during trips, then you should probably invest in a high-quality camera bag such as the Wombat Thick Brown Hunter Leather Camera Bag.

Besides being spacious enough to hold all your photography equipment, our leather camera bag is extremely stylish and easy to carry thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. That’s not all. Your equipment is kept safe thanks to the convenient metal feet.

Beach, Fun, And Leather Accessories

Who said that leather accessories are unsuitable to wear at the beach? No matter where you are, leather accessories will still give you a stylish look and will make the heads turn.

The most useful accessory at the beach is, without a doubt, a lightweight hat that will protect you from the sun, such as our Wombat Soft Foldable Lightweight Washable Hat in sand colour.

This hat can complement with success a trendy beach dress made of natural fabrics or a more sporty fishing outfit composed of a pair of water repellent fishing shoes, military shorts and a beautiful shirt in neutral colours. An Oiled Leather Shoulder Holster Wallet will definitely complement your look and hold your valuables safe during the day.

Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations Wombat Leather

Leather Travel Bags For Longer Journeys

Looking fashionable during daily outdoor activities or city strolls is great, but you should keep your style while travelling too.

To stay trendy while “on-the-go” you should choose comfortable yet fashionable clothes and a stylish travel bag to carry your belongings.

Regardless of the season, trousers are an adequate option when travelling. Try to stay away from jeans or tight pants and forget skirts especially if you’re facing a long travel. Match the trousers to a stylish t-shirt in summer or a comfortable sweater during winter and add a nice jacket to your outfit.

The most comfortable bag when travelling is, without a doubt, a backpack. Our Luxury Thick Brown Leather Large Rucksack Backpack bag is large enough to hold your valuables while leaving your hands free. For a longer journey, match to the backpack to a large leather bag. We suggest the Outback Brown Leather Holdall Travel Bag but there are plenty more options available in our shop.

Fashionable Travel Outfits For Outdoor Explorations Wombat Leather

Gentlemen can replace the traditional backpack with the stylish Leather Sling Backpack bag.

If you like canvas more, Wombat still has the right travel bags for you. Pick and match any of our waxed canvas bags to create the perfect travel bags combo or follow our suggestion and choose the Waxed Canvas and Leather Rucksack and the Large Waxed Canvas and Leather Holdall.

Regardless of your choice, you will still be able to match a toiletry bag to your travel bag by choosing either the full leather option or the Waxed Canvas and Leather Wash Bag.

Without a doubt, leather bags and leather hats are stylish accessories that can complement with success almost any look, from a casual outfit to hiking or outdoor sports equipment. Visit our shop and choose the accessories that best match your taste, then prepare to live one of the greatest adventures of your life!





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