Women’s Leather hats For The Summer

Women’s leather hats are an accessory that have survived through the ages, with each style being reinvented or reborn in one sense or another over time. Outback/Cowboy hats have retained a cool mystique about their design, suggesting that the wearer has a connection with the rural world, while maintaining a contemporary look. Western films in the 40s, 50s and 60s made them into a very masculine piece of clothing which meant they were rarely marketed towards women. Thankfully, changes in attitudes have meant that feminine twists have long since given the hat a new lease of life and there is little better than a bit of cowboy chic to give you that edge.

The great thing about women’s leather hats are their versatility. They are perfect for protecting you from welting under the heat of the sun during peak summer, used to remove the glare from your eyes, or just to keep you dry when the heavens open up. Beyond all their functionality, they just add that finishing touch to an outfit like no-other. The addition of a hat instantly changes the tone, style and shape of how you look and feel, so what you buy and how you wear it can make a huge difference.


Glastonbury may be over for another year and Wireless has just packed up, but there are still a whole range of festivals happening over the next 6-7 weeks, finishing off with Reading at the end of August. Rain should be like a long forgotten friend by now which means it’s all about keeping yourself cool and out of those UV rays for extended periods. There is often no place to hide when you are out in the middle of field and as your favourite artists zip through their set-list, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and forget that you’ve been out in the sun for hours.

Check out this Full Grain Leather Hat if you are one of the lucky ones heading out to a festival in the coming weeks. The sandy tones of this women’s leather hat will match your bright and breezy summer clothes, and the great thing is it will create that piece of elusive shade where there wasn’t any before. If the festival lasts for a two or three days and you are crashing in a tent with friends, then finding your own spot to relax isn’t always so easy. All you have to do now is lie back, tip your hat forward and voilà! You have your own little hideaway to catch forty winks.

Walkabout Leather Hat


Not everyone has the festival fever or enjoys being squashed into in a field with thousands of other people, so you might be looking forward to something a little more serene and relaxed. If you live and work in the city, sometimes you just want to get away from it all as you spend more than enough time herded into trains, buses and offices. Just the thought of all those open fields and plains, taking your time to stroll leisurely through the countryside, finding the perfect spot to have a refreshing picnic, should be enough to get you packing right now!

Nothing captures that lazy summer feeling like our Soft foldable Lightweight Washable Hat, designed to keep you looking cool and feeling fresh. The added bonus is it can be hand washed in luke warm water and in current temperatures, you’re guaranteed to have it dry and ready to be worn the next day. The soft, plush material also means it can be folded away without creating unsightly creases, so if you are out on a long, slow walk into the evening, you can pack it away in a bag rather than awkwardly carrying it around under your arm.



Depending on where you decide to go, a good way to mix the busy crowds with a relaxing atmosphere is heading out to the beach. We always think of the beaches in the UK as being full of pebbles and shells but there are a surprising amount of sandy waterfronts all around the coastline. Whether you are heading out with a loved one, close friends or the family, there is always one place you can’t slap on the sunblock – straight on top of the head! Our hair helps to buffer the intensity of the heat but sometimes you could do with a helping hand.

You may not even have to travel too far to hit the beach if you are a local and so you may just use it for the occasional stroll, or to let the dog off the leash to run around for a while. This women’s leather hat is ideal for both day trips and popping out for an evening walk. The leather band that stretches around the hat is removable and the material is also waterproof, giving you double protection from UV rays in the summer and dry hair if you are out and about in the wetter months of the year.


It’s important to remember that hats sizes aren’t universal, so check out your measurements once you have settled on the style you have your eye on. Using a loose tape measure, start a fingers space above your eyebrows, keeping that same gap above your ears and measure all the way round the circumference of your head. This should give you a good idea of what size fits you best. The hat should fit snugly, rather than squeeze too tightly across the forehead and if you are in-between sizes, always opt for the larger size, as the last thing you’ll want is your new purchase giving you a headache!

women’s leather hats  are an accessory you can return to again and again, never looking tired as you spin it into fresh looking outfits throughout the entire course of the year. Newcomers to the idea will soon find themselves inseparable from their new best friend and before long you may well be picking out your clothes to suit the hat, rather than the other way round! So whether you think of yourself as an urban cowgirl or an outback adventurer, take a look at our fabulous range and all that will be left to do will be to tip our hats in recognition of your great style and taste!