Wombat New Travel Bags

Spring has finally sprung and as we finally crawl out of hibernation, we have the perfect new bag collection to help you make the most of the great outdoors once more.

While the temperatures are slowly beginning to rise and our clothing layers ever so slowly start to lighten, there is one accessory that remains a constant, no matter how glorious the sunshine or epic the downpour.

A bag is a long term friend, an accessory that stays with us as long as we treat them well. We go through the many good times together — and sometimes the bad — but they remain reliable companions, always there when we need to reach out for them.

Our new selection of stylish holdall, travel and duffle bags unite beautiful craftsmanship with a range of uses that will endure the toughest of conditions. At Wombat, we know that when you invest in a new bag you need it to pass a number of important criteria; with style, material, size and price all vying for a space near the top of list.

Made with luxurious oiled leather, our new Spring range has something for everyone, so read on below and you will be sure to find a bag to match your urban lifestyle.

Whether you are heading away on for a weekend trip with a loved one or need to pack the necessities for a few days away with work, this handsomely shaped holdall travel bag ticks all the right boxes.

Wombat Leather Duffle Holdall

Wombat New Travel Bags Wombat Leather

Made from premium thick oiled leather, the strong features of this travel duffle bag brings together both practicality and style into one. Perfect for repeated use, the compact cabin size means it can fit into almost any compartment, no matter how you decide to travel.

The leather has a high water resistance quality, so if you are looking for a bag that won’t let you down in heavier conditions, this is the one for you. The solid dark brown colour imbues a sense of strength and robustness desired by lovers of the outdoors.

Brass buckled straps sit at either end of the bag reaching comfortably across the zip line to be held in place for added security if required. The Wombat logo sits just underneath the handle strap to match the elegant white stitching.

There is plenty of room to be found inside for all your travel items and extra space for any souvenirs picked up along the way. The added internal zipped pocket and dual pouch pockets also give you the option to store away items separately in their own safe compartment. Whether you are looking for that ideal present or purchasing for yourself, this duffle speaks of real class and panache.

Wombat Large Oiled leather Holdall

Wombat New Travel Bags Wombat Leather

This masculine shaped large holdall makes no bones about who this bag is for. The male design is tough and sturdy to take into account all the zips, pockets and pouches that make it so essential for longer stays away from home.
Space will certainly not be a problem and also means your travel companion can squeeze in an extra item or two if they have run out of room. Sitting either side of the central zip line are two side zip compartments that fasten back securely into place. Inside you will find pouch pockets — one of which is ideal for your phone to slip into — and an internal zip pocket. And if that isn’t enough for you, smaller zipped pockets can also be located at the front and rear of the bag.
Upon opening either of the three main zip pockets you are welcomed with a smooth green lined interior that blends with the resilient, dark brown thick oiled leather.
The finishing touches are just as equally important. Brass fixings firmly secure the handle, zips and adjustable shoulder strap. The underside also features metal feet to protect the bottom of the bag from picking up unnecessary scuff or scratch marks. If you need to pack large items or need to share the load, then this holdall does everything you could ask for and more.

Wombat Oiled Leather Holdall

Wombat New Travel Bags Wombat Leather

Sometimes you need just the right size bag to deal with the right-sized job. The spacious proportions of this thick oiled leather travel bag is perfect for any short stay and overnight journeys you may be planning. The convenience of its shape allows for real versatility in its use, making it easier to fit into your fast moving lifestyle.

Although the bag is not lightweight, the detachable shoulder strap allows generous room to rest the bag on either shoulder if carrying by hand is not a preference. The padded handles also provide comfort to allow for a firm grip, which can also be secured into place by the brass clips on either side. The chunky zip opens up to reveal plenty of space, added to by the internal zip pocket and pouch.
This is a bag designed to stand the test of time, made from beautifully textured leather. The deep dark brown tones generously reveal the natural grains of the animals hide, set against the lush green inner lining. White stitching stretches around both sides to highlight the detailed skill and time put into making this luxurious bag so unique.

When you’re on the move and need a reliable bag that keeps your belongings secure and safe, then investing in this travel bag will be a decision you won’t regret.

Wombat Luxury Leather Holdall

The first thing you will notice are the warm dark brown hues of the leather design that will blend in with almost anything else in your wardrobe. It makes easy work of keeping your personal belongings organised, thanks to the ample room provided inside, complemented by an internal pouch and two additional zip pockets. Two zippers run across the top to ensure that no matter what you are carrying, the contents remain safe and secure.

The subtle touch of the leather allows it to adjust to your demands while remaining as strong and durable as you expect it to be. If you prefer to keep your hands free the adjustable strap can let your shoulders do all the work. The strap can also be removed, which offers the convenience of holding it in your hands if the load feels manageable. Luxury and style are the two things that reach out and grab you about this bag, guaranteed to make it a stand out part of your attire.

As you can see, our new oiled Leather travel bags range offers a superb array of uses for both men and women who require flexibility, quality and value for money. At Wombat we know that you expect the very best and are sure this collection will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Buying a new bag can sometimes be harder than it seems at first, as it is much more than just a functional accessory. How you use it, where you can take it and how it looks and feels all say a little bit about who you are, and this set of bags is designed to adapt to your ever changing needs.

Wombat bags are made to last, each one made with the upmost care and attention, so they will stay by your side through any season, come rain or shine.

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