Why Choose Wombat Leather Hats to Protect You in the Sun

Why Choose Wombat Leather Hats to Protect You in the Sun

The importance of choosing a good hat to protect you in the sun and why you should consider Wombat Leather hats. Foldable, washable and made from high-end leather.

We may already be halfway through July, but summer is finally here, and boy is it shaping up to be a hot one! Anyone who felt the preceding months were a little on the cold and wet side, will surely be satisfied with current temperatures we’re experiencing. High 25 and even 29/30-degrees may prove to be a bit too much for some. But we really shouldn’t complain in the UK, given how dreadful the weather can be normally, even during the summer months.

However, along with the sheer unadulterated joy of the hot weather, comes the need to protect yourself from the inherent dangers of the sun when it’s beaming down on us.

When you think of protection, you likely think of sunscreen and SPF numbers. However, while this is great for your skin, there is more you need to think about beyond sunblock. In the following post, we’ll not just look at ways you can protect yourself from the sun, but why you should have protection in the first place.

Why Protection is Important

It can often feel that we spend all year long, particularly in the UK, for the sun to provide us with the heat we crave, only for experts to tell us to cover-up. One of the most obvious reasons for protection is sunburn. Although it often feels as if you need to suffer from some burning in the pursuit of that perfectly balanced and healthy-looking glow, you don’t need to – nor should you have to suffer from it.

Aside from sunburn though, there’s also the matter of heatstroke, which is not particularly pleasant. Then there’s the not-so-small or insignificant matter of skin cancer. It is by far the most common type of cancer affecting people in the United Kingdom, with at least 1000,000 new cases being reported every year. Even though we are repeatedly told the dangers and risks of skin cancer and the part the sun plays in it all, around 2,500 and more people die each year after being given a melanoma diagnosis.

How to Protect Against the Sun

First and foremost, even if you are concerned with achieving that attractive glow, you should be wearing sunscreen. It is best to avoid cutting corners when it comes to buying sunscreen and buy a high-quality product with a high SPF to get the maximum protection you can.

However, there is more you can do to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, like wearing a hat such as bush hats and cowboys hats inspired by Australian designs for men and women at Wombat Leather.

How Hats Protect You

While sunscreen more directly protects you against the sun’s rays, hats help you to remain safe by shielding your eyes, face and other parts of your head. This helps to reduce the risk of the sunburn and heatstroke.

It’s important if the sun is especially hot or it’s the middle of the day, to choose a hat with a wide brim. However, there are various men’s leather hats available from Wombat Leather, so you shouldn’t find it too hard selecting one that suits your unique style one that protects you from the sun.

How to Find the Perfect Hat

Above all else, we would recommend that wearing one is ultimately more important than the kind you choose to wear. However, there are some things you should think about when it comes to choosing a suitable hat for the sunny days and evenings ahead. This includes selecting one that fits you properly and appreciating the importance of the brim.

Importance of the Fit

When looking at the fit of a hat, it makes sense to try it on before you buy, if possible. You want a hat that does not feel too tight or restrictive, as hats do not tend to have a lot of give in them, so are likely to remain similarly sized throughout their lifetime. 

Choosing a hat that’s too tight could mean you suffer from discomfort and headaches. On the other side of things, you need to avoid investing in hats that are simply too big for you because they are more likely to fall off when the wind is up or you are involved in activities, even those less strenuous ones like walking.

Importance of the Brim

When it comes to the different parts of your hat, the brim is generally regarded as the most important. This is especially true when you are looking for protection from the sun, as a brim is what will provide most of the shading for your shoulders, neck and face. Therefore, if you are looking for the most protection from a hat possible, one with a particularly wide and large brim will be more effective than one that has a relatively slimline brim.

A hat, even if it’s from our cool selection of Australian hats, it’s not a replacement for sun cream, sunglasses and even trying to make sure you spend some time in shaded areas when you are out and about during the middle of the day.

Which Style Is Your Style?

You’ll notice when it comes to buying hats online that there are numerous different styles available and as well as your taste, you should factor in the practicality of a style for any activities you will be taking part in. Take the bush hats from Wombat Leather for instance. These are great all-rounders that provide adequate protection against UV rays from the sun, while also ensuring you are suitably shaded – and of course, look great too!

We’re always trying to make sure the products we offer at Wombat Leather are made with the user in mind and as well as making them easy to pack away when you are going on trips or don’t want to wear it for a short amount of time, but need it with you. They are also incredibly easy to maintain and wash.

Alongside the simple bush hats, we also design and produce a wide array of outback Australian hats, many of which are foldable with rugged durability. As well as protection against the sun, our hats have also been designed and handmade to offer a degree of protection against inclement weather. Something that’s never too far away in the UK, even when we are experiencing a heatwave.

Which Hat Will You Choose?

It is entirely up to you which hat you opt for. Our wide and varied range available at Wombat Leather has something for everyone. Some of our most popular and best-selling hats include:

The Outback hat – made from a stylish and attractive soft brown leather. As well as offering the UK protection, it also features a generously wide brim. A chin strap is included if necessary and it features a removable band made from leather that fits to the top of the brim via handy poppers. This band not only looks good but helps to keep the hat’s shape intact.

wombat outback leather hat
wombat outback leather hat

The Wilds foldable leather hat – This is a very lightweight hat that has a suitably wide brim and a distressed look that gives it the appearance of an older and shabbier hat without the wear and tear associated with that authentic look. The great thing about this hat is that it’s foldable, so you can store it away easily and pull it out within seconds.


Soft foldable lightweight hat in sand colour

The soft foldable and washable hat is a simple, but an elegant hat that features the wide brim many of Wombat Leather’s hats are known for. It includes a neck strap and is easy to keep clean – just by washing it by hand in some lukewarm water.

Final Thoughts

Given the sheer variety of different leather hats available from Wombat Leather, it really won’t matter which you choose as you can always be guaranteed of one thing – our commitment to high-quality, durable accessories and products.

Wombat Leather go to great lengths to faithfully follow the design, look and feel of the kind of hats that are commonplace Down Under, while bringing them to you for a reasonable price and design qualities that make them more than just a fashion item.

The leather hats from Wombat Leather are an essential piece of protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays whether its against sunburn, heatstroke or in the most serious cases, skin cancer. They are also a great investment.

Whichever you choose, you can be confident they will look great, last a long time and keep you safe while you enjoy yourself in the sun, whether it’s over here in the UK or while on holiday overseas somewhere much warmer.