What does your leather say about you?

With the warmth on your back and the breeze on your face gently blowing your hair from place, you wander in search of wonder and excitement. You’re on an adventure, an adventure of discovery. Inspired by the free spirit of the outdoors, you roam freely into nature, ageless in the outback with Wombat Leather.

Leather has a history that dates much further back than the biker gangs we see in the movies; it’s been around for centuries. Used for the basic prehistoric needs of our ancestors, it’s now evolved into a timeless fashion statement. Simple, sophisticated and oh so adventurous.

It has never failed us as a society, and as we look more and more to the fashion world to find who we truly are, and express ourselves in ways we never though imaginable, leather becomes increasingly cemented as a statement piece.

But the brash nature of leather chaps and the biker jacket are a whole different league to the simplistic subtlety of the hats, bags, and belts.

They don’t define you, as accessories never should, they sit at the surface of your personality, your dreams and inspirations and tell the world who you are. Wombat leather is defined by you; it is defined by the nature of your desire to feel the world at your fingertips.

You’ve heard of wombats, right? Of course you have. Well, they’re Australian and Wombat Leather is named as such to celebrate the Australian inspiration the nature of the outback lends to our British-designed products.

The Hat

Hats have been around since as far back as 26,000 years ago, with the Venus of Brassempouy possibly depicted wearing a hat, rather than just another hairstyle. There are paintings (such as Renoir’s Woman in Flowered Hat from the 1890s) showing ladies wearing fabulously fashionable straw hats with fanciful floral trims. Hats are in our history as functional and fashionable accessories to keep the cold and wet out as well to protect the ears from cold.

Of all the different styles of hat there are (from the top hat to the beanie), we want to talk to you about the leather hat. More specifically, the Australian-style, leather cowboy hat.

The cowboy hats that you’re probably most familiar with (from all those wild west movies and Texan rangers) is the American cowboy hat, often made of felt. The Australian cowboy hat isn’t much different in design to this, but is often made from fine-quality leather to weather-proof it against the elements, and make it a must-have fashion accessory.

The ‘outback hat’ encapsulates the very essence of the Australian outback. It signifies the free-spirited nature of nature itself, and wraps it in a timeless adventure of aesthetics and style.

We’re all free spirits at heart, even if we don’t hike or sail or camp. We’re born of nature and we live within its comforts, it should be celebrated and accented with the fashion statement of the century. The leather hat.

What kind of looks do they complement? What do I wear with them?

We have some fabulous examples of the classic Wombat look, pairing a Wombat Leather hat with perfect outfit to suit its style.

The leather-glad cowgirl/biker

What does your leather say about you? Wombat Leather

Pair your Wombat hat with a full leather ensemble, letting statement-colour accessories give you that edge.

The Classic ‘Cowgirl from the Ranch’

What does your leather say about you? Wombat Leather

This is a classic country-couture look, with comfortable, loose-fitting plaid, and suede boots giving the Wombat hat the style it deserves.

The Minimalist

This look is centred around the hat itself, with an elegant bracelet and simple, elegant jewelry, the minimalist look is perfect for those looking for a touch of elegance.

What does your leather say about you? Wombat Leather


More about the Wombat Hats – and what they say about you.


Here at Wombat, we offer a simple range of leather ‘outback-style hats for you to choose from. Our hats are produced using only the finest hides and are specifically designed for outback conditions. They’re tough as nails and will withstand the harshest weather conditions, with a wide rim giving you added UV protection. What more could you need?

The Wombat Full-Grain Leather Hat

This hat is the epitome of style and virtue of the Australian outback. Full-grain leather is essentially just as it was on the cow; only the hair is removed. With no further effects added to the leather, it retains its full grain; it’s about as close to you’ll get to completely natural leather. The hat

The hat features a fashionable banding, with designer edging and has a soft, subtle feel to it. It’s fully waterproof and has been specially oiled/waxed to enhance its UV protection. It screams adventure from the hilltops and cries with country-couture notes across the natural landscapes you wish to explore.

The Wombat Outback Hat

This is a classic outback-inspired design, with almost flat brims and a removable leather banding to give it an extra edge. Nature trails, fishing adventures and walks in the woods with your favourite canine companies are all made timelessly fashionable with the outback hat.

They adorn your personality and shower you with intrigue, giving all of nature who gaze upon you a look of inspiration and ambition to succeed.

The Wombat Ranger Hat

This rugged hat is perfect for the extra-adventurous of the men and women who adore the outdoors. It’s a natural, full-grain hat with an incredible ranger-style design. The Ranger Hat features unique detailing,  with polished, metal studs complementing the soft, full-grain leather, giving you an air of sophistication and authenticity.

The Wombat washable, foldable hat.

This hat is best suited to the traveller. You enjoy seeing the world and visiting places where you can let the air and the stars wash over you, and you long for more adventures. Backpacking holidays and camping trips, family excursions into the heart of adventure, all enhanced with the washable (and foldable) Wombat leather hat.

This soft hat has a classic Australian design that you may be more familiar with. It’s incredibly soft and it solves some of the problems of the stiffer, stronger hats. It can be easily folded away into your luggage or rucksack when travelling, sleeping, or generally having a good time! It’s also washable, meaning that every time you take it out it can look just how it will make you feel; as good as new.

The Bags.

It’s not just all about hats; as much as we love hats, we also love bags.

How else would you travel the world if not for something to contain and transport the tools to your upcoming adventures? And no matter how free-spirited you are, you’ll need some help along your journey, and that’s where Wombat leather bags come in.

From messenger bags and rucksacks to stylish holdalls, the range is designed with you in mind.

Made from the finest quality cattle hide (the same as used for our signature leather hats), leather bags are a quality fashion statement with style that crossing oceans, and even continents.

Business means business with our messenger bag range, supple, soft leather adorns a classic style; giving you the perfect business style. Or you’re off on holiday to somewhere more tropical (escaping the cold, wet weather), well then our holdall range is perfect for you! Even if you’re staying a little closer to home for your travels, the holdalls are made with quality leather, ensuring they can hold their own in the British outdoors.

Leather bags will always be in fashion, just take a look at some of the celebrities who use them:

What does your leather say about you? Wombat Leather

Olivia Wilde

What does your leather say about you? Wombat Leather

Fearne Cotton

What does your leather say about you? Wombat Leather

Even Pippa Middleton.


Wombat Leather accessories can do a lot for you. They show the world your country-couture style and remain a timeless, ageless favourite for years. Hats to protect and shield, bags to store and travel and wallets to hold the photos of loved ones. Don’t you want strength in your accessories? The strength that mirrors your own; with strength of character and manufacturing achieved only with your very best interests at heart. Wombat understand just who you are, and what you need your hats, bags and wallets to say to the world.

You define your leather accessories, as they’re made to complement you, and you alone. You decide the look that they go with and the purpose they should fill; which trips to take them on or which functions to attend with them in tow. Most importantly, you leather hats, and bags, are there for whichever adventures you choose, and will be with you down any path you follow. They’re more than a fashion statement, they’re a little part of you.

They’ll always be in fashion, and they’ll always be the perfect fit for any of life’s adventures. Have the adventure of a lifetime, with Wombat Leather by your side.

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